Mean Girls musical. This is not a drill.

mean girls musical
Mean Girls the Musical? That is so fetch.

We don’t mean to alarm you all, but in amongst the 10th anniversary celebrations for naughties cult/teen/classic film Mean Girls, something amazing happened.

Tina Fey confirmed that she is writing a musical adaptation of the film, with her composer husband, Jeff Richmond.

Now, observant Mean Girls tragics may note that such stories of Mean Girls the Musical have cropped up before. However, they’ve sort of floated around in a “you know, I’m just an artist trying to get my story out” kind of way, not an actual “we are doing this with real, tangible actors in a theatre for paying audience members” kind of way.

Which is definitely what Fey and Raymond sounded like they were talking about when they caught up with Vulture.

The musical is “going along swimmingly,” said Richmond. “We’re very happy with how things are coming along so far. And maybe this thing will be out by the Mean Girls 15th anniversary.”

The Vulture article has confirmed the following

– There will be a song titled ‘Fetch’.

– They will primarily be casting unknowns. (Which is rubbish, because we all know how good Laura Bell Bundy would have been as Gretchen Weiners.)

– They are going to try and get a workshop up and running by the end of the year.

Apart from that, Fey was not letting anything slip.

That’s why her hair’s so big. It’s full of secrets.

Would you go and see a Mean Girls musical?

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