The ultimate ode to Mean Girls.

Regulation hotties. The word ‘fetch’. Wednesdays wearing pink. Toaster strudels. A borderline-terrifying insight into the minds of teenage bully-girls.

Mean Girls has given us so much.

On this, the 10th anniversary of the last movie Lindsay Lohan did sober, we’ve decided to celebrate. By grabbing all the best Mean Girls-themed things we could find and putting them all in one glorious post. Obviously, you are welcome to add anything we miss in the comments – as Regina George would never say, “You can totally sit with us.”

Here are all the magnificent things Mean Girls has given us.

1. This perfect ironic catchphrase.

2. This all-purpose heckle.

3. This universal superpower.

4. This motivational quote.

5. This ultimate bitch sentence.

6. This one joke that’s funny every Valentine’s Day.

7. This make-out practice suggestion.

8. This simple way to end an awkward date.

9. This summary of every break-up and PMS ever.

10. This “Cool Mom” guide to motherhood.

11. This recipe for sadness.

12. This moment when we realised Lizzy Caplan was awesome.

13. This excellent lesson straight from Tina Fey.

See? It’s one of the greatest films of all time. So full of awesomeness.

Did we miss anything? Do you have special plans to celebrate the 10-year Mean Girls anniversary?

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