Maz Compton shares what happened the day she lost her dream job.

In a beautifully penned blog post, Maz Compton has opened up about how it felt to lose her dream job as a breakfast show host exactly one year ago.

The 36-year-old shared details about the day she “got the phone call you never want,” informing her that her job was no longer hers.

Compton’s Dan and Maz show on 2DayFM was replaced by Rove and Sam, in an attempt to boost ratings.

“I guess you could say I was fired but it felt more like a ‘benching’,” she writes. “You know when you play in the big league for a bit and then the coach benches you to make way for a new star player?”

She describes how happy she was at the time, loving every moment of her job. The decision, made by someone she had never met, came as a complete surprise, and caused her to reconsider how she thought about herself and her work.

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As Compton describes, “it had been a dream of mine to wind up there, hosting that show, for many years.” For seven years she worked her “guts out,” missing holidays to work exclusively on getting to where she wanted to be.

It’s rare to see someone speak about career disappointments so candidly, which is surprising, given that we’ve all experienced them.

Most of us have watched on while someone gets a promotion we don’t think they deserved, and many of us have been given an opportunity that we flat-out fail at.

Compton writes, “I was so confused at first, I think the injustice, there was no discussion, just a click as the phone was hung up.” She says she had “feelings of shame and disappointment,” and ultimately wanted to share her experience to help those who find themselves in a similar position.


She genuinely has some brilliant words of encouragement, like:

“Your mess becomes your message.”

“You were never promised you wouldn’t go through the fire, you were promised company while you are in there.”

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“Without the test, you can’t write your testimony.”

“Only under immense pressure can coal become a diamond.”

She also acknowledges that her breakfast radio show, and the subsequent decisions made about it, were “something that was never in my control in the first place.”

It’s an empowering stance, that reminds us to be easier on ourselves when external events start to impact our self esteem.

Compton writes that while “it’s difficult some days to look at what happened a year ago as anything but a complete fail on my part,” she knows how important those moments are in making you who you are.

By openly speaking about ‘failure’, she challenges our ideas around it, helping us move towards the more healthy view that when something doesn’t go our way, we haven’t ‘failed’, we’ve simply ‘learned.’

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