You don't have to be 20 and a size 4 to be a model. This is proof.

Think you become invisible as you age? These women are anything but.

In a world that values youth and beauty over (seemingly) everything else, it is easy to get sucked into the idea that women become invisible as they age.

But the modelling industry is changing. These 15 inspirational women, all over the age of 60, prove that beauty and a modeling career can last well beyond your twenties.

1. Daphne Selfe, 84

The world’s oldest supermodel and a ‘figurehead for longevity’, Daphne Selfe (and her amazing hair!) shows us that it is possible to remain beyond stunning well into our eighties.

2. China Machado, 83

Machado is known for being Richard Avedon’s muse and the first non-Caucasian model to be featured in a leading fashion Mag.

3. Carmen Dell’Orefice, 82

After appearing on the cover of Vogue at 15 years old, Dell’Orefice just kept going. She is now one of the longest working models in the world.

4. Jacquie Tajah Murdock, 82

She grew up in Harlem with dreams of becoming a model. After appearing as the face of Lanvin’s Fall/Winter 2012 campaign she said, “I have finally made it and I will never give up. Hopefully some day I will get to Paris!”

5. Gitte Lee, 78

The beautiful and elegant Gitte Lee began modeling in 1961, and is now returning to the fashion spotlight. And here’s a tip… she says she owes her graceful aging to keeping her face out of the sun.

6. Veruschka von Lehndorff, 74

Veruschka von Lehndorff is a German model, actress, and artist, and has been described as being the first superstar model of the sixties. She says: “It has not been hard to grow older, because I believe if you have something you believe in that will keep you alive far more than plastic surgery or Botox.” Well said.

7. Valerie Pain, 72

Valerie Pain was a model in the 60s and returned to modeling at age 65.

8. Lauren Hutton, 70

At age 70, Lauren Hutton remains one of the top fashion model cover girls. She has appeared on the cover of American Vogue 26 times – a record.

9. Penelope Tree, 64

Another babe of the swinging sixties, Penelope Tree was a huge model in London, and the muse of David Bailey. Now she is a patron of Lotus Outreach, a charity that supports girls education in Cambodia.

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