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Matt Golinski is finding the silver lining

Celebrity chef Matt Golinski, who lost his wife and three daughters in a Boxing Day fire last year, has spoken publicly this week for the first time since the accident.

Although he suffered burns to over 40% of his body, he believes he survived for a reason, and is determined to find the silver lining. "I have no idea why I was spared from the fire but I am determined to look forward and live a life that would make them proud.

"To say my world has been turned upside down is an understatement. Although the loss of my family is unfathomable, at this stage of my recovery, I am simply grateful to be alive and to have experienced the love of my beautiful wife and three daughters."

Matt says he is eager to return to the kitchen at his Sunshine Coast catering business, The Rolling Dolmade, though he still has limited mobility in his arms.

"Although I'm really keen to get back into the kitchen, time will tell as to when and if that can happen,"

Despite his extensive injuries, Matt has taken up some hobbies he used to enjoy, such as playing the guitar again, and jogging. He has participated in fun runs but needs to monitor his heart rate while doing so, as it is currently higher than normal.

"This is due to an increased metabolism as my body tries to repair itself.”

Matt is well on his way to recovering physically, but it is still very difficult process emotionally. ‘‘It's hard to express my appreciation for the amount of well wishes, love and support that has been extended to me and my family.’’

The Coroner is yet to determine the cause of the fire.