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A hibachi grill appearance and 8 other things that happen on every single episode of MasterChef.

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Amid the current COVID-19 pandemic, MasterChef Australia is one of the many reality TV shows keeping spirits high in self-isolation.

Now that the series is back for a twelfth season – at the perfect time, mind you – thousands of Australians are tuning in to see the delicious food we’d never be able to master at home.

With three shiny, new judges, and a bunch of our favourite contestants returning from previous seasons, MasterChef is better than ever.

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But you see, there’s something we can’t help but notice about this season of MasterChef.

It’s becoming a little… predictable.

From Laura making pasta (again), to someone pulling out a hibachi grill, there are some things that seem to happen every single episode.

So without further ado, here’s a bunch of things that happen on every single episode of MasterChef. (You’ll never watch the show the same again).


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Someone uses the hibachi grill

The humble Hibachi grill has become the villain of this season of MasterChef.

In this season alone, at least one – if not multiple – contestants have used the portable Japanese grill in almost every single challenge.

But although 2020 is ultimately the year of the hibachi, this season’s contestants aren’t exactly having much luck with the kitchen gadget.


In mere weeks, multiple contestants have had hibachi-related cooking fails.

But with hibachi grill sales increasing by 1600 per cent, we can expect to see some of those cooking fails appearing in the home soon as well.

Poh makes you nervous, but somehow pulls it off.

Oh, Poh.

You’re going to give us a heart attack.

For reasons unknown, the season one runner-up keeps choosing to make multi-layered chiffon cakes and last-minute elaborate pies in a simply impossible time frame.

And yet, somehow, she keeps pulling it off.

Every. Single. Time.

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An emotional back story is shown.

Ah, yes. The emotional back story.

This isn’t just a staple in every single episode of this season of MasterChef. It’s essentially a staple in every single episode of MasterChef EVER.

Jock says: “That’s banging”.

Honestly, this one is self-explanatory.

Laura makes pasta… again.

We don’t know why… but Laura keeps making pasta.

Laura, who happens to run her own pasta restaurant with her husband, has made a pasta dish for most challenges this season.

And it’s getting to the point where viewers are getting, erm, frustrated.



A contestant says: “I’m not sure if I’ve done enough”.

It seems in every single challenge, a contestant utters the words: “I’m not sure if I’ve done enough”.

It’s essentially an ancient MasterChef proverb at this point.

Someone changes their dish at the last minute.



A contestant says: “I’m taking a risk”.

As this year’s contestants are all returning to the show for the second time, it’s not a surprise that they’re more willing to take a risk.

But at this point, using a hibachi grill or making pasta (we’re looking at you, Laura), isn’t exactly a risk. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Everyone fan girls over the celebrity guest judge.

Look, we don’t really blame the contestants for this one.

This season, the contestants have already been blessed with the presence of celebrity guest judge, Gordon Ramsay.

“I man crush him hard. He’s a beautiful man, isn’t he?” Lynton Tapp, who was eliminated from the show, told Mamamia.

“He’s a formidable chef but he’s also very caring and supportive. He’s 100 per cent present. He’s not on his phone or anything like that. He’s there, he’s engaging with you, he’s answering your questions.

“I really admired him as not only a chef, but as a professional within the food and media landscape.”

MasterChef returns on Sunday at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

Feature Image: Channel 10.

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