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All the clues you may have missed in episode four of The Masked Singer Australia 2020.

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Like any normal Tuesday evening, last night we settled in for a couple of hours of watching a sparkly Ned Kelly and a Cactus with breasts sing us songs. 

And we really enjoyed it.

Watch Sloth be unmasked as Katie Noonan. Post continues below video.

Video via Ten.

The Masked Singer was back, as we saw five more alleged Australian celebs sing from behind outlandish costumes. 

The episode concluded with the unmasking of singer Katie Noonan as Sloth, but there's still four celebs waiting for us to decipher their clues. Let's unpack the clue packages of Bushranger, Wizard, Kitten and Cactus.


Bushranger says she's got the country in her heart, while drinking lemonade from a stand with a portrait of Victoria Beckham sitting on bags of manure. Ouch, is this some cruel joke about a Spice Girl?

Thinking back, Bushranger's clues from last week had a portrait of Queen Victoria - so we're thinking it's a nod to her home state.


Image: Ten. 

What does this mean? Image: Ten. 


"I'm very comfortable with horsepower, like other women before me. But I'm never comfortable being just the one thing.

"It's important to always be growing. Roses are my favourite." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Bushranger says she was for a while "part of the Kelly gang", as we see portraits of Kelly Osbourne, Kelly Clarkson and Kelly Rowland, but "now I'm on my own". Okay, so maybe an actress who played a Kelly?

The only other famous Kelly I can think of is Barbie's little sister. Image: Ten. 


"But you're never on your own when you have family. And over the years I've discovered that ink stains," she says. Hmm, she could be known for her tattoos.

"But right now, nothing is getting under my skin."

We then see a note made of magazine letters, like one a serial killer would make, and it says 'Stand and deliver'. We're stumped.

Image: Ten. 


Bushranger sings Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' and everyone loves it. It's seriously good. Hughesy especially seems... really into this "sparkly criminal".

Bushranger says she is the voice behind one of the most famous sounds in Australia so she either sung the Neighbours theme song or is Colleen Smart from Home & Away.

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Kelly Rowland. 

Jackie O: Michala Banas.

Urzila Carlson: Nicole Kidman.

Dave Hughes: David Beckham.


We have a ~magical~ feeling we already know who Wizard is, and it's former X Factor winner Isaiah Firebrace.

"My magic was felt from a young age," he says. "It's in my DNA. But it wasn't recognised by everyone."


Standing next to him are two famous Murrays, Andy Murray and Bill Murray, and we think Hughesy's correct in his guess they're from near the Murray River. Isaiah grew up in Moama on the border with Victoria.

Image: Ten. 

"My greatest success is not in the land of my birth," Wizard says, and uh, Isaiah performed at Eurovision and has had success in Scandinavia.

Okay, then comes a Wiggles reference...


Image: Ten. 

Guess who were among artists to perform at Carols in the Domain in 2016? Mmhm, a certain X Factor winner and children's group were both there.

Wizard sings Gotye and Kimbra's 'Somebody That I Used To Know' and the voice sounds exactly like Isaiah's Carols performance which we may have listened to... too many times.

Even Wizard's fact we might not know about him ticks the box: "I am considered a lucky charm by a great sporting Aussie champion." A quick Google comes up with a Courier Mail article, which literally says: "Jeff Horn doesn't believe in lucky charms but singer Isaiah Firebrace is hoping he can help the Brisbane boxer triumph."


Look, we're convinced.

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Zac Efron.

Jackie O: Murray Wiggle.

Urzila Carlson: Nazeem Hussain.

Dave Hughes: Will Ferrell.


"I'm a kitten covered in candy," Kitten begins before... eating a bird. "I'm sweet like an angel, until I'm not."

Kitten says her early career is unforgettable, while standing in front of posts that look like they're for comedy shows. Okay - so she's a comedian. Actually, looking closer at the posters... we think we've cracked it.

"The Whoopee Cushions", one reads. Could this be a reference to Whoopi Goldberg? Early in her very successful comedy career, I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! host Julia Morris performed on stage with Whoopi.

Another advertises The Crustaceans. Julia played Gemma Crabb in House Husbands.

And is The Manor Born a sneaky reference for the Prime Minister’s Midwinter Ball, which Julia also performed at? Image: Ten. 


"I felt cold for a long time, even when I was supposed to feel fabulous.

"Breaks always came when I least expected it. But I really hit the jackpot in Vegas."

That... is where... Julia Morris got married. 

Julia Morris' husband Dan had breast cancer. Image: Ten. 


"My voice has gone out all over Australia. But for the first time, you will hear it without reacting to what's being said," Kitten says.

She sings an emotional rendition of 'The Day You Went Away' by Wendy Matthews and Jackie O CRIES.

Osher asks for a fact we don't know about Kitten, who says "When we won the lottery, it changed our lives forever". She then... farts. 

Yes okay, it's definitely Julia even if she has been trying to throw Urzila off the scent with a 'back brace' cover story.

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Ricki-Lee Coulter.

Jackie O: Julia Morris.


Urzila Carlson: Susan Boyle.

Dave Hughes: Britney Spears.


"It's amazing what a cactus can achieve in life. I've met royalty," Cactus says.

"In fact, where I come from, my family almost IS royalty."


"We've had many titles through history but I trod my own path, coming from the north."

Trod... path... well known family from the north? Our gut is telling us this could be Lucy Durack. In 2012, Lucy did an interview with the ABC about coming from a famous WA family of "pastoral pioneers".

Extras in Santa-style beards rake tinsel as Cactus says she loves Santa - "No one can hold a candle to him" - and this has got to be a reference to Carols By Candlelight.

"Climbing the ladder of success in my game is hard. I'm always afraid I'm going to fall. And there's always someone else who wants my role in the team."

Could this mean from Perth to Melbourne? Image: Ten. 


"You just have to hold on to your dream as hard as you can."

Cactus sings Icona Pop's 'I Love It' and we have to say, we're digging the dancing lips almost as much as Hughesy.

Cactus' fun fact is "in many ways, I have old-fashioned values. But at times, I've been modern all the way through". 

The guesses from the judges:

Dannii Minogue: Gina Riley.

Jackie O: Bindi Irwin.

Urzila Carlson: Caitlyn Jenner.

Dave Hughes: Vika or Linda Bull.


Bring on next week for more dancing, sparkling celebs.

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