CULT BUY: The $7 mascara that just established a cult-like following.

Flashback to when I was about 14 or 15 and buying my first real mascara.

Not one that I had snuck from my mum’s room or from Dolly when it used to give you free things.

But a real one from MECCA.

I remember I almost fell over when the woman said, “That’ll be $49.99.”

Excuse me, what? That is like my pocket money equivalent of washing my mum’s car three times and mowing the lawn for a month.

Today, $49.99 seems a tad more reasonable, considering I don’t rely on pocket money, but I will happily dive at the opportunity for a cheap makeup option that is just as good (if not better).

For all those who are the same as me, I happily present to you this $6.75 mascara, that is an absolute banger.

Essence Lash Princess first came to my attention thanks to a Reddit Thread by Ellie Daisy Louise, who said she couldn’t rave about it enough.

“Holds the curl, I haven’t noticed any flaking but a tiny bit of minor smudging where my lower lashes have touched my skin after a 10-hour sweaty shift,” Ellie said.

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“But it’s not noticeable to anyone but me because I’m looking for it haha. It’s definitely my new holy grail!

“I have short straight eyelashes normally too and it wasn’t hard work getting this result! It’s so worth it.”

essence lash princess

Before and after. Image via Reddit.


I only read about Essence Lash Princess today, so I haven't been able to verify these results for myself. However, Mamamia's beauty guru, Brittany Stewart, was onto this mascara long before I was.

"I'm almost loathed to share how good this mascara is for fear it will never be in stock again when I need it," Britt said.

"I first tried this Essence mascara about three years ago and for a good few months it was the only one I used. It gives great lift and separates lashes to give a boosted but still natural looking finish.


The brill Essence Lash Princess. Image via Priceline.

"If you're into big dramatic lashes, this might not do it, but if you're after "your lashes but a lot better" for day to day wear or something subtler for night time, you can't go wrong. The wand makes it easier to cover even the tiniest of eyelashes and it costs less than $10. What's not to love?"

To make sure you get that A+ application, Britt also recommends to do "the wiggle".

"Starting right from the root of the eyelashes gently wiggle the wand side to side as you comb it through to the end to make sure you coat every single lash."

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