We finally know why Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen left Hollywood.

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Ten years on from their Hollywood retreat, the reason for Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen‘s departure from the acting world has finally been explained by the pair’s former longtime publicist, Michael Pagnotta.

Originally, Pagnotta told People earlier this week, the plan was simple.

“They came to New York and wanted to go to college,” he says.

Not to study acting or fashion – which the 30-year-old twins are now well known for thanks to their labels The Row and Elizabeth and James – but to see the world outside of Tinseltown.

“They’d been kind of hamster-wheeling their lives, and through the first year of college, when they got to NYU, they actually met people who had a different take on the world,” Pagnotta told the publication. “They maybe got a different sense of what their future might be. And maybe it wouldn’t necessarily be in acting.”

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And unlike many celebrities in the spotlight, Pagnotta says the Olsen sisters were incredibly fortunate with the support offered to them by their family, at every step of their journeys.


“They were always part of a very loving family that was aware they were kids and needed to have a real life,” Pagnotta said, adding, “The most important thing people should know about them was they were allowed to be kids. They had the normal kind of concerns, the normal kinds of fears, and the same kind of fun.”

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When Mary-Kate (who is married to 47-year-old Olivier Sarkozy) and Ashley (who is dating 58-year-old Richard Sachs) did eventually move into fashion, though, Pagnotta says the fit was a natural one.

“They understood it and seemed to have a knack for it.”

A statement we couldn’t agree more with.