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'We got married because I didn't know how to break it off. Here's what happened next.'

Some brave people on Reddit have shared some very personal stories that all stem from the same, common mistake: marrying a long time partner, all because you didn’t quite know how to break it off.

Of course, the obvious question is, “How is that going for you?”

And boy, they didn’t disappoint with their answers.

‘I thought I couldn’t get better than her’

For WaftyCrankerr, getting married to his girlfriend of seven years was really a decision he came to because: “We’d had some great times and though she was somewhat selfish and lazy I figured I could do a lot worse.”

Unfortunately, soon after the wedding, life did what life does best – it threw some curve balls.

“I lost my job one month after… [and had] spent all of my savings taking us round the world, getting married, and buying us a house. We were broke.”

Sadly, the way his wife handled the circumstances wasn’t ideal.

“She coped by going out drinking with her friends most nights and after several honest conversations it became obvious she would not be providing any support to me emotionally or physically,” he wrote.

Listen: It’s not like weddings are cheap either. (Post continues after audio.)

“It came to a head when I offered her £100 [AU$128] of my only birthday money, so that she could go on a pre-planned weekend break and she complained it wasn’t enough.


“This was two years ago and we separated that day.”

‘He was my rebound.’

One woman with the username MarvellaSweat explained her relationship was nothing but “tumultuous”.

“He was my “rebound” after my first true heartbreak, and we started dating way, way too soon. We fought often, broke up once or twice, and I constantly thought about leaving even after we’d moved in together,” she wrote.

But, as many couples do, she and her boyfriend grew dependent on each other, and were each terrified of being alone.

“When he shocked me by popping the question, my stomach dropped and I physically wanted to run. Every fibre in my body was yelling “no, no, no!” in that moment, but his proposal speech was so beautiful and heartfelt, and he was so vulnerable and open, that I muttered a bewildered “yes” before I could even process my feelings,” she said.

Uh oh…

"I don't know why I wasn't honest with him." (Image via iStock.)

"Honestly looking back on that moment, I have no idea why I wasn't just honest with him, but there was a part of me that did love and care for him, and I wanted...I don't know, exactly, but I wanted to see if we could work ourselves out together, even though it all felt so hopeless and wrong."

But you'll be surprised (seriously, sur-pri-sed) to find out there's a super happy ending to this trainwreck story.

"We've been together eight years now, married four, and I'm so happy to say that we are the perfect partners for each other.

"We've both grown so much on our own, through sheer will and hard HARD work, and in that process, we've also grown together in ways I couldn't have imagined. He is the most insightful, self-aware man I've ever met, and he loves me more that I ever felt I deserved. And through him, I learned how to love, genuinely and (to the best of my abilities) selflessly. He is truly my other half in life, and without him I would be so lost."


Meanwhile, we are lost for words at that turnaround.

'I am so happily divorced.'

For SharkdrivingaBus, his relationship with his girlfriend - who he met in college - was doomed almost as soon as it began.

"It was fun at first - she was energetic, funny, passionate, and exciting...but it became a chore. Too much drama and fighting over literally everything. So after about 18 months I tried to break up with her," he wrote.

He didn't succeed. After a long discussion, and a bit of emotional blackmail on his partner's behalf, the pair decided to give things another go. Within weeks, she was pregnant.

"After several months of negotiations, including discussions of abortion and of having the kid but not being a couple, we finally ended up getting married," the Redditor admitted. "I didn't really want to, but I felt like it was necessary in order to be a big part of the kid's life."

financial impact of divorce
Marriage isn't always the best option. (Image via iStock.)

Can you guess how things turned out?


"We had so many fights and so much drama. We separated for six months at one point but then got back together, again doing it for the kid (at least on my behalf).

This lasted for nearly 10 years - horrible marriage where we really didn't like each other and fought all the time... Finally, I found out that my wife had been cheating on me off-and-on for quite a while. Honestly, I felt relief more than anything because it gave me a way out where I didn't have to feel guilty."

And now? He's living life as a thrilled divorce dad, who says his child is doing "great".

"I should have done it years before I actually did."