Guests reveal what really goes down at a Married at First Sight Wedding.

As we learned on Tuesday night, love for Married at First Sight couple Craig and Andy – or Crandy  as we’ve come to know them – is officially dead. And now that the cat is out of the bag, guests from their wedding are shedding some light on what really goes on at a reality television wedding (that is not actually a wedding.)

Speaking to on Wednesday, two unnamed guests from the couple’s New Zealand nuptials confessed that what viewers saw on TV was a far cry from the reality of the day.

married at first sight andy and craig

The Married at Fist Sight wedding of Craig and Andy. Source: Married at First Sight.

Starting out like a dream, guests were flown to New Zealand for two days, with all airfares and expenses paid for. Except due to the channel's desire for the couple reveal to be a true surprise, everyone was under strict instructions to remain locked in their hotel rooms until moments before the walk down the aisle.

Of the ceremony itself, the guests said that filming went for several hours, with the five-minute-long ceremony being filmed four times so that the camera crew could get all the appropriate angles.

One of the guests also admitted that it was the first wedding they'd "never been to a wedding before where the [couple] say 'Hi, nice to meet you'”.

married at first sight andy and craig

It was majestic. It was scenic. It was long. Source: Married at First Sight.

When everyone was finally able to make their way to the reception, things went from uncomfortable to near unbearable, with food and drinks being kiboshed until the sun had set.

"Everyone wanted coffee, but they wanted us all to have champagne because they wanted people to have to look they were having fun."

Hungry, sun affected and drunk - there's a recipe for television success if ever we heard one (ahem, Andy's meltdown.)

married at first sight andy and craig

The long, late into the night and silent wedding reception. Source: Married at First Sight.

Following an eventual feeding and watering, the troops watched on as their friends made their way to the centre of the room for that ever romantic first dance. Except there wasn't actually any music playing, so the pair just cuddled and shuffled around the room for a while.

As we now sadly know, Crandy is no more, with the pair splitting during their honeymoon.

But it just goes to show that every free holiday comes with a price.

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