FLUFF: Mariah Carey wants to do a surprise album. Has already ruined the surprise.

Mariah Carey has announced that she wants to ‘pull a Beyonce‘ and release a secret album.

Only, she’s already spoiled the surprise.

The 44-year-old original pop diva has told Billboard magazine that she wants to surprise the industry – and graciously, as far as we can tell, they didn’t explain that surprises don’t work that way, babe.

“I have to be the one that announces this, especially the title,” she said. She’ll be announcing all the details of her new album at once on social media – the title, the tracks, the album cover and the songs.

The only hint she’d give about the title of her unsurprising surprise album is this. It’s named after “a personal possession of mine that’s part of an entity that I’ve had almost all my life.”

Any ideas what it could be? We do know that Mariah owns Marilyn Monroe’s piano… That’s a pretty significant possession. Or, it could be the walk-in wardrobe she reserves for her lingerie, her bath tub, the VHS release of her film Glitter, her first naughty Santa’s helper costume, or a childhood toy.

This will be her 14th studio album – FOURTEENTH – but it won’t be her last.

“I will always make music,” she said. “When I said it could be my last, that was only because tomorrow’s not promised to anyone.”

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