Margot Robbie's hair just got a lot shorter.

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So the Academy Awards are on today, and although we know it’s all about cinematic feats and directorial vision and other Very Serious Arty Things, we’re also a little bit (okay, rather a lot) interested in the red carpet action.

Especially when a major star appears on said red carpet with a brand new haircut, as Margot Robbie has done today.

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Margot — that’s Donna to you long-time Neighbours fans — paired her floor-sweeping Saint Laurent gown with a brand new platinum long bob. (What’s that, a celebrity with a long bob? How novel!)

The 24-year-old Aussie actress has worn her hair long and beach babe-y for years now, so it’s quite a change. For reference, this long-haired photo was taken just last week at a movie screening in London.

Now, behold: the stunning Oscars look...

Margot Robbie haircut
Image: Getty

Phwoooaar. Anyone else getting major Rosamund Pike vibes?

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