Calm down, world. Margot Robbie is not trying to end Will Smith's marriage.

Attention: Wives of Australia.

Get your man. Take him to a remote destination where no one will be able to find him and where he has no access to wi-fi.

Keep him there, because there’s a woman on the loose.

She’s blonde. From Gold Coast, Australia (so, definitely a babe). Only 25 years old: the perfect age to be a typical homewrecker.

And, she goes by the name of Margot Robbie. Here’s a picture, so you can cement her face in your mind forever:

According to news sites accross the world, she is a threat to you, your husband’s faithfulness, and ultimately, your marriage.

Look at her. She’s gorgeous AND funny. So naturally, she’ll steal your husband… (Post continues after video).


Cue dark, ominous music.

The Daily Telegraph has dubbed her the new “Angelina Jolie”, writing: “[Margot] has sparked paranoia and distrust among even the movie world’s most solid couples.”

The Sun wrote that Margot threatened to break-up the “solid” marriage between Will and Jada Smith.

“The most explosive rumour to date involves Margot and Will Smith, whose scenes together as lovers in last year’s comedy thriller Focus radiated such red-hot energy that they were close to being a fire risk.”


Not only is she a husband-stealer, she is a fire risk. A fire risk, people!

If you thought this wans’t already bad enough, it continues:

“An insider said: ‘Jada was furious. She saw them on the red carpet together — they were all over each other’.

“She has known Will for more than 20 years so it is pretty obvious when he has the hots for someone. And she doesn’t trust Margot one bit’.”

So, let’s break this down.

Margot Robbie, an acclaimed actress, has starred in a number of wildly popular films with some other very attractive actors. She has done her job. She has done nothing wrong.

As for Angelina Jolie? Lets just remember she is an award winning actress, writer, director and producer. She is a humanitarian and a committed mother.

So let’s drop the “homewrecker” title, yeah?