The new Mardi Gras video everyone's talking about.

Earlier this week, a video of police slamming an 18-year-old man to the ground during the Sydney Mardi Gras went viral.

The video showed the young man, Jamie Jackson, crying as a police officer handcuffed him, threw him on the ground and placed his foot on Jackson’s back.

Throughout the arrest, Jackson is yelling “but I didn’t do anything wrong”.

After the video was shared on TV and viewed by more than 1.3 million people on YouTube, there was backlash from the public about the amount of force used by police in their arrest of Jackson. (Jackson was charged with assaulting police, resisting arrest and offensive language.)

More than 2000 people have arranged to march in the Sydney suburb of Surry Hills on Friday night in protest to the way police officers handled Jackson’s arrest.

But now, a new video of the moments before Jackson’s arrest has emerged. In the clip, he appears to be resisting arrest by kicking at officers.

Jackson claims he was initially arrested for playfully kicking another Mardi Gras patron.