“So satisfying, and got my stubborn blackheads out immediately”: 14 women test Manicare's new pore-clearing vacuum device.

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We need to talk about a very important skin concern for a minute.         


Yep, those little pesky cloggers that just never seem to budge — no matter what you try. (Trust us, we've been there.)


Because Manicare has a new product in town and if the reviews serve as any indication, it just might be the solution.

Let us introduce you to the Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum, a rechargeable extraction device that removes debris from your pores.

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She's a cute handheld size, and combines 3 levels of vacuum suction intensity to help visibly clear congested skin with ease. The promised result? One step closer to clearer, smoother and more luminous skin with every extraction.

Yes, really. And if that's not enough, it's also got an in-built 10x magnification high definition camera you can link to your smartphone so you can see really all the action up close. 

In order to get to know this new kid on the beauty block, we asked Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel to be some of the first Aussie beauty lovers to try it out and give us their honest thoughts. 

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Here's what they had to say.

Kate, 43: "My skin felt a lot softer, especially around my chin and T-zone areas."

"The overall experience was very positive! I found the product easy to use and liked the different nozzles I could swap in and out for different purposes. My favourite is definitely the microdermabrasion nozzle! I also didn't need to go any higher then the low setting for my skin to see the benefit. 

"My skin felt a lot softer, especially around my chin and T-zone areas."

Danielle, 32: "I own a similar microdermabrasion tool and this one trumped it by far."

"I own a similar microdermabrasion tool and this one trumped it by far. I love that the Manicure pore vacuum has different attachments to suit different needs. I am obsessed with being able to see my skin up close [using the phone connection] and see the real-time results of my congested pores being cleared. 

"The softer settings are perfect so you feel like you are achieving results. My husband even tried it and liked it, and I have recommended it to my friends already. 

"My pores are much clearer! I don’t think I’d use it more than once a week, but I can definitely see the difference it has made."

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Vanessa, 40: "So satisfying. There was nothing I didn't like!"

"The Manicare pore vacuum is so satisfying. Watching the debris lift from my pores via the smartphone app gave me hope that clear skin could be mine. I started off with the lowest power to ensure I didn't damage my skin, but I had no trouble. My skin was instantly smoother and clearer after my first use.

"It was easy to include the device into my routine, and there was nothing I didn't like about it!"

Anisha, 23: "My blackheads definitely aren’t as visible."

"I was particularly excited about using the camera feature of the device! I’ve used other microdermabrasion tools at home before but none with a camera functionality. This feature stopped me from over-vacuuming my skin and afforded me incredible precision when locating my blackheads. My skin feels smoother on the surface and my blackheads definitely aren’t as visible. I’ve also noticed my makeup sits better! Would definitely recommend this tool."

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Grace, 56: "It was AMAZING!"

"I was very excited to try this pore vacuum as I suffer from open clogged pores and blackheads. Once I'd connected the tool to my phone and tried my first extraction, it was AMAZING! To be able to see your skin so close with the tool in action was so satisfying.  

"My favourite attachment was the microdermabrasion nozzle, used to helps to clean up dead skin during extraction, as it felt like I was giving my skin a good clear out.  

"I have been progressing to the higher levels, and my skin has felt smoother and clearer after using the Magnifying Pore Vacuum twice a week. Great little product and one that I'll continue using!"

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Dani, 32: "My skin feels a lot more smooth and radiant."

"I was very excited to use this product. I have quite dull skin and blackheads, and I was quite surprised and happy with the way this product worked. I liked the oval nozzle, which gave the most targeted suction. It did well removing my blackheads and dead skin! My skin feels a lot more smooth and radiant for days after each use."

Belinda, 50: "It's amazing."

"I was really impressed with the workmanship of the Manicare pore vacuum. It fits nicely in the hand and I love how it connects to your phone so you can see your skin as you run the tool along your face! It’s amazing. 


"I had to be careful not to use this too often as I found it very strong, so I used it once a week as a treatment. My skin is very clear!"

Diana, 40: "I would definitely recommend this product!"

"It’s a super cool gadget that is very easy to use. I love the design being so lightweight and sleek. I was impressed with the quality and the view of my skin up close with the camera app:  like nothing I’ve seen before! I had no negative reactions or marking, and noticed improvements! My pores appear clearer, and my skin feels clean and smooth after trialing this product for 2 weeks. I would definitely recommend this product!"

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Amelia, 31: "Easy to use and got those stubborn blackheads out immediately."

"I loved this product. I have been looking at getting one for quite some time as I generally have quite a large build-up of blackheads and congestion around my chin. The Manicare pore vacuum was easy to use and got those stubborn blackheads out immediately. 

"I especially loved the HD camera. I secretly love watching those skin extraction videos online and now I can basically watch my own!

"My complexion is much clearer after 2 weeks of use."

Madeleine, 26: "A beauty salon experience in the comfort of your own home."

"This product is literally a beauty salon experience in the comfort of your own home. This is the first time I have tried a product like this and as someone who loves a facial and microdermabrasion, I was super eager to try this product. 


"The app is great and it’s really interesting to be able to view your skin so closely in such high quality. 

"I found it worked best for me when I used the device on the mid-setting. I am prone to whiteheads on my nose, so this product worked a treat. For a fraction of the cost of a facial, I think it’s definitely worth buying!"

Anna, 39: "A definite improvement in clearing my pores."

"Holy grossness! I thought my skin was in good condition but the 10x camera showed me otherwise. I could see a visible improvement after the first use. The suction is nicely strong, and I have seen a definite improvement in clearing my pores. Physically watching the extraction was oddly satisfying! This little gadget exceeded my expectations."

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Anneke, 40: "It revives my tired skin."

"My overall experience with the Manicare Magnifying Pore Vacuum has been fantastic! 

"I definitely find the 'normal' mode to be adequate intensity for my skin. I love the microdermabrasion nozzle and ended up using this one the most. 

"You get a nice little exfoliation and the extraction really revives my tired skin. I've used the camera a few times too while the tool is in action, it's a fun add-on and interesting to see pores up close and personal, but great to have the option.

"Overall I love this Manicare Pore Vacuum! It's a really great tool to have in my routine for between facials."

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Ashleigh, 31: "This device is a game-changer."

"This was actually SO FUN to use. As a first time mum with a 6-month-old, there is no time to go get a facial, so for me... this was awesome. I actually loved it. 

"I absolutely loved using the app to see the gunk extracted from my nose. I also really like that there are a few different heads for different uses. I mainly used the small circular nozzle and the microdermabrasion nozzle and those two worked super well for me. 

"There is no fuss in setting it up, it connects to the app easily and away you go. I have had sebaceous filaments and enlarged pores since I was 16, so for me, this device is a game-changer. My skin hasn’t looked and felt this soft in years! I will definitely continue to use as part of my weekly skin care routine."

Fiona, 42: "My skin felt smooth and silky, and my creams and oils absorbed better."

"I have never tried a pore vacuum before so was excited to try. I used all the nozzles and they were easily interchangeable. I warmed my face up first and used the lowest setting and was really impressed (and shocked) by the results. 

"My skin felt smooth and silky for days afterward and my skin looked clearer. It’s also worth mentioning my creams and oils absorbed better!"

Need to try it for yourself? Check out the Manicare Salon Magnifying Pore Vacuum, and receive their dermaSOOTHE Massage Globe free when you spend over $50.

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