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1. Man punches 5-day-old baby at supermarket saying he thought “it was a doll.”

Amy Duckers and her newborn daughter, Elsie. Via Facebook.

A mother on her first outing with her newborn baby has been shocked and terrified when a man reached into her pram and punched her 5-day-old.

Amy Duckers, 27 was shopping when she was approached by a man who overheard family friends saying: "Come and have a look at this beautiful baby."

The man, 63, reached in and punched newborn, Elsie in the head. He then claimed he thought the baby was not real and was a toy.

Ms Duckers, from Manchester was shopping with her baby along with daughter Libby, 7, and partner Lewis Temple, 24.

"The punch was that hard you could have heard the connection as this man hit Elsie," said Mrs Duckers.

"I just can't believe it - especially as it was on a five-day old baby. It was the first time I'd taken Elsie out since she was born. Now I'm just too frightened to take her out again.

"My seven year-old was there and saw everything, and she was just screaming. She thought he'd killed the baby. I don't want anyone to touch Elsie ever again. I literally can't get my head around why someone would do this" she told The Manchester Evening News.

She said she screamed at him and he at first denied he hit the baby then said he thought it was a doll.

Police have arrested the man.

2. Melissa George assaulted and taken to hospital.

Australian actress Melissa George has been allegedly assaulted by her husband and taken to hospital.

Purepeople reports that Ms George, who lives in Paris with her French partner of four years Jean-David Blanc and their two sons, went to police with facial injuries.

“According to statements by the actress ... she was assaulted by her companion, also father of their two children,” French news site M6info reports.

“The police were called last night to intervene in the centre of Paris. In shock, Melissa George, had a swelling of the face and complained of pain, nausea and dizziness,”

Purepeople reports that Ms George, 40, claims she had been physically abused by Blanc.

Police have not charged anyone over the incident.

The couple have two sons, Raphaël, two, and Solal, who was born in November last year.

For domestic violence support 24/7, call 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732).

3. Boy dies after falling on school stairs.

A five-year-old boy has tragically died after falling at school and hitting his head.

The little boy Sufi, tripped on concrete steps at the Southern Rise Children’s Centre in Wodonga around 4.30pm yesterday during after-school care.

He was a pupil at Wodonga South Primary.

The principal of the school, Clint Eckhardt, said he was devastated by the loss of one of its youngest students.

“Our thoughts are with the students, family, friends and classmates at this terrible time,” Mr Eckhardt said.

4. iPhone 7 will be water-resistant, have two cameras and wireless headphones.

The new iPhone 7 will be water and dust-resistant, have two cameras and no headphone port.

Unveiling the latest model just a few hours ago Apple boss Tim Cook said the new phone would include wireless earphones that connect through "breakthrough" wireless EarPods called AirPods.


AirPods contain sensors that can tell when they are in a user's ears and have five hours of battery life.

They can be connected to an iPhone or Apple Watch just by opening the smart box they come in, that also charges them.

The iPhone 7 will also come with stereo speakers for the first time, with a speaker now placed at the top and bottom of the device.

The "Plus" edition of the iPhone 7 will also feature a second camera, alongside the standard model's zooming 12-megapixel camera.

5. A "long way to go" to close the gender pay gap.

The Minister for Women and Employment Michaelia Cash says there's a "long way to go" to close the gender pay gap and more action is required.

Despite a narrowing of the gender pay gap from 18.5% in November 2014 to 16.2% today the Minister has admitted it isn’t good enough.

"Getting more women into work is priority of the Turnbull government," she said.

“Further progress will bring great benefits to our society and our economy” the Minister said.

The Workplace Gender Equality Agency say women on average lag $261.10 per week behind men.

"Women working full-time need to work more than 14 months on average to earn the same as men earn in a year," director Libby Lyons told News Limited.

6. Stockbroker accused of rape claims he thought woman was crying because his penis was too big.

A stockbroker on trial over the alleged rape of a co-worker “during a champagne and cocaine-fueled party” has told a court he thought she was crying as his penis was hurting her due to its size.

Daniel Green, 26, allegedly attacked the woman, in her 20s, after she had curled up to sleep under a desk in the early hours of May 16, 2015.

The two work in London for StratX Markets.

The jury heard how the woman had been out drinking with a friend in May 2015 when she met Green and his other work colleagues.

The group ended back at the city offices drinking and taking cocaine, by the time the rape allegedly took place at 4am only Green, the alleged victim, her friend and one other male were there.

The woman wept as she told the jury that she had repeatedly said "no" during the alleged attack and afterwards phoned a friend.

Green told the court the sex was consensual and that while they were having sex he noticed the woman crying but he thought it was due to his penis size. He said that he had trouble having sex with women because of the size of his penis which "sometimes causes pain".

7. Woman in white dress falls from cruise ship.

A frantic search is underway for a woman in a white dress who fell from a cruise ship.

The US Coast Guard has dispatched aircraft and two ships to an area about 43 kilometres southwest of the island of Grand Bahama to look for the woman.

The Coast Guard says the 32-year-old woman was seen falling before dawn on Wednesday from the 11th deck of the Carnival Ecstasy.

The cruise ship had left Nassau, Bahamas and was en route to Charleston, South Carolina at the time.

She was wearing a white dress with a pink floral print.

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