Meet the man who lost 16 kilos eating nothing but McDonalds for 90 days.

All your childhood culinary dreams just came true: This guy ate nothing but McDonalds for 90 days, and he lost weight.


Check it out:

What WHAT?!?

For those of you still reading (we no doubt immediately just lost a large number to the drive-thru), there’s obviously a bit of fine print.

Because the universe is a cruel, cruel place, one can’t just let loose in Maccas and expect to slim down. It turns out this story of dramatic weight loss has more to do with words like ‘calorie counting’ and ‘exercising‘ than it does with Big Macs and Soft Serves.


The man in the above picture is John Cisna, a high school science teacher from the USA. As an experiment with his class, he decided to eat only McDonalds for 3 months. BUT, he limited his food intake to 2000 calories a day and started exercising daily for 45 minutes.

So basically, he went on a diet.

He explains in the video exactly what Maccas food he ate to stay within the guidelines:

Does anyone else feel kind of ripped off?

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