Does your honeymoon horror story beat this one?

This is not a good sign for this couple.

A new husband has accidentally driven off without his wife after they took a rest stop during their honeymoon.

The German couple and their children had stopped at a service station and the bride - who had been asleep in the back - went to use the toilet while her husband filled up. When he hopped back in the vehicle he drove off.

He'd driven for two hours and 200 kilometres before he realised he'd left his new wife behind. He contacted the police who reunited the couple.

"My first reaction was ‘is he daft’? I had no money or telephone with me," the 33-year-old bride told radio station FFH. However she must have calmed down because she later said, "I am not annoyed with my husband. He didn't do it on purpose."

This story is sort of funny and sort of sad, isn't it. I know how I'd feel if my husband did that to me but I'd probably forgive him. That's really what marriage is all about, right? Upsetting each other, forgiving each other and moving on with your life together.

Still, we'd love to hear your Honeymoon Horror Stories. I'll go first.

My husband refused to go on a honeymoon because he didn't want to leave our new dogs in a kennel. There. Try and come up with worse than that.

I have a few more to get us warmed up:

A New York couple traveled to the Dominican Republic for a luxurious island holiday and instead got two earthquakes, two trips to the hospital and a near-missed flight home.

Cheryl and Drew checked into a hotel in Paris at the start of their European honeymoon only to find it invested with mice.

One couple didn't receive their wake up call in their hotel honeymoon suite and missed their flight to America. They had to pay extra to travel later.

iVillage editor Alana House spent the first night of her honeymoon sleeping on a sofa in the hotel reception area after a mistake was made with her booking. Tres romantic!

Okay, now it's your turn. This is going to be fun!