Thursday's news in only two minutes.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard has reportedly had another sandwich thrown at her.

The Prime Minister was visiting Lyneham High School in Canberra when someone threw a white bread salami sandwich at her.

After the event, Ms Gillard tweeted:

It comes just weeks after a student at Marsden State High School threw a sandwich at Ms Gillard. You can read a full post about that incident here.


72 cases of breast cancer were missed in SA.

1. A review of more than 54,000 mammograms taken in South Australia between September 6, 2010, and June 30, 2012 has found 72 cases of breast cancer had been missed and that two of the women have died. The results of the review were made public yesterday in an announcement by SA Health Minister Jack Snelling. “As current Health Minister, I assume full responsibility and I want to assure all South Australian women that I will not rest until this problem has been fixed and I can assure all women that this problem will not happen again.”


The State Government is now expecting to face one of its biggest ever class actions.

2. A Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into sexting has recommended changing laws so that teens who send images of a sexual nature to their friends aren’t charged under child pornography laws – unless there is more than a two year age difference between the sender and the receiver. The committee also recommended a new law which would make it illegal to forward another person’s image without their consent.

3. Former Labor frontbencher Martin Ferguson has announced he’ll quit parliament after the September 14 election. Announcing his decision in parliament today, the Victorian member for Batman said: “I feel that the timing is appropriate and one that is in the best interests of my party and my family.”

Raelene Castle

4. The Canterbury Bulldogs have appointed the first female CEO of a rugby league team. Raelene Castle will join the Bulldogs, taking over from Todd Greenberg. Speaking to the ABC, Ms Castle said: “I’m proud to be female, but at the end of the day I just believe that I’ve got the capabilities to do a really good job and deliver on the strategic plan.”

5. Federal Sports Minister Kate Lundy says kids’ sport should less focus on winning and more on having fun. “This research tells us that older kids often see sports clubs as competitive and overly focused on performance,” she told News Limited. “Kids will leave club-based sport if they stop enjoying themselves.”

6. The Chinese mother whose newborn son had to be cut out of a sewer pipe after he was flushed down the toilet will not be prosecuted. The 22-year-old mother, who was initially unknown, is reportedly unmarried and had kept her pregnancy a secret. Authorities have said they believe the incident was an accident.

7. An Australian man has been sentenced to four years in a Saudi Arabian jail. Twenty-five-year-old Shayden Thorne was charged with terrorism related offences after police allegedly found terrorist material on his laptop.