Mamamia just gave birth. And it was really, really messy.

Mamamia’s podcast family is expanding at an alarming rate. Welcome, parents, to the slightly-sticky world of This Glorious Mess.

Family life. It’s messy. Really, really messy. If you’re Andrew Daddo, it can look like this:

Meet Andrew’s dog, Spud.

If you’re Holly Wainwright, it can look like this:

Meet Holly’s artistic son, Billy.

Either way, once you add kids to your life, it’s never quite the Pinterest-worthy world that you pictured when you were flicking through Country Road catalogues and imagining your well-dressed offspring conversing pleasantly over kale and quinoa burgers.

No. And that is what Mamamia’s new project is all about – This Glorious Mess is a podcast – yes, a podcast – about parenting as it really is.

Exhilarating, consuming, exhausting, joyful and yes, very, very messy.

Our hosts, Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright, have five kids between them, ranging in age from two to 16.

Andrew brings the experience. You might know him from the television (most recently on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here) and much radio. He also writes kids’ books, bans TV during the week, insists on family dinner and loves time with his kids and his very excellent wife, Jackie, above all things.

Andrew, Jackie and their family.

Holly is a writer and editor at Mamamia. A working mum of two little people, she generally has no idea what she’s doing, and is only lucky that her partner Brent, does. In short, Holly brings the chaos of a world where only 50 per cent of the household know how to wipe their own bums.

Holly and her two very messy children.

Every week they’ll be talking through the daily adventures of parenthood, posing sticky questions to friends and experts – questions like, ‘Are reward charts evil?’ ‘Do I really have to make my kids do sports?’ and the eternal, ‘Is that poo my child is eating?’

You can listen to This Glorious Mess‘s first episode – where we go back to the beginning and discover why Andrew risked his life on his first day of parenthood, why Holly finds it impossible to get her family of four around a table at the same time and what happened to Andrew’s “no TV” rule while he was in the jungle – here:

Or you can download it on iTunes, Download the audio file, Get the RSS feed. Open it in a new window.

And if you have no idea what a podcast is, watch this desperately helpful “how to download a podcast” video right here. You won’t look back.


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