Open Post: What's on your mind?

What’s on your mind?


So. How’s your weekend going?

I am going to spend mine surrounded by hot cross buns. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Hot. Cross. Buns.

I realise that we’ve only just greeted February. I know that Easter is still nearly two months away. I, like everybody else, think it’s ridiculous when advertisements for Easter eggs start showing on Boxing Day.

But… hot cross buns are seriously delicious. I know this. You know this. And when I popped into Coles this week to grab some dinner, I could not resist the display of chocolate hot cross buns calling my name from the bakery section. I mean, they were positioned so close to the mince meat (it’s a teeny tiny Coles). Unavoidable, really.

Anyway. Open Post is making a reappearance on Mamamia and we’ve lovingly scheduled it to go on a weekend so that you have a place to come and have a chat about anything you like. ANYTHING. The possibilities are endless.

But in case you can’t think of anything, I’ve compiled a handy list of conversation starters (I also give you permission to use these at your dinner parties, or at Saturday morning kids sport, or wherever else you require immediate small talk). Feel free to discuss any of the following:

1. The merits of hot cross buns

Hot cross buns. Om nom nom nom.

2. January evaporating into thin air and February suddenly being upon us. (Seriously, did that sneak up on anyone else?)

3.  The amount of things that need to be done now that February is suddenly upon us (holiday month come baaaaaack, I don’t want to pay my car insurance/book dentist appointments/sort my uni timetable)

4. The weather (always a good fallback)

5. Your weekend plans (only a good fallback if they’re exciting. Maybe incorporate some parasailing in there somewhere)

6. How cute ponies in cardigans are (yes we did this post a week ago but IT WILL NEVER GET OLD).

And for your further amusement, here’s what been happening over at Mamamia’s Instagram page. (If you’re not following us on Instagram then WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? We’re available on the handle @mamamiaaus):

What are you up to this weekend? Anything else on your mind? It’s Open Post – so after all, it’s open to everything!

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