Open post of the week. What's on your mind?


Hey you. Yes, you.

I have some good news.

It’s WEDNESDAY! Two days until the weekend. And it’s also Mamamia Open Post day, where you can come and talk about anything you feel like talking about. We want to hear read it.

As for what’s going on in my world?

I’ve been trying new fitness classes – something to keep myself motivated during the chilly winter months. And on Monday night I tried a barre3 class, a workout that combines yoga, pilates and the ballet barre so that you get the strength of an athlete with the grace of a dancer.

“Ballet! Yoga! Pilates! How lovely will this be!” I said to myself as I rocked up to the class with my cute pink toe socks. I thought it was going to be a bit of a workout, but, you know, nothing too intense. Because YOGA.

Working my very very very weak core.

How wrong I was. Oh, how very wrong I was. I sweated like a maniac and worked muscles that have definitely never been worked before. When I got home, I actually couldn’t manage any form of activity besides passing out on my couch.

Here I am after the class, looking so sweaty and tired that I had to apply several filters to the photo to get it looking even somewhat presentable:

That’s my “oh god that hurt so very much” smile.

Despite my whining – it was an amazing workout. Best I’ve had in a long time. And it’s indoors so no amount of terrible weather can keep you away. (If you want to try it for yourself and you’re in Sydney, click here. But there are more locations coming soon!)

PS. Mamamia and iVillage Australia are looking for interns! If you’re interested in gaining invaluable experience working in the media – we’d love to meet you. Click here for all the details about how to apply. 

Over to you – what’s going on in your world?