Rest In Peace: Jill Meagher.

29-year-old Jill Meagher’s body has been found by police in a shallowly dug grave about 50km from Melbourne.

An autopsy will be conducted today and the Coburg man who has been arrested by police is expected to face charges of abduction, rape and murder. reports:

Adrian Ernest Bayley, 41, was remanded at an out-of-sessions court hearing shortly before 3am that lasted only 90 seconds at St Kilda Road Police Station.

The bail justice told Bayley he should not be given bail given the seriousness of the charges against him.

She asked him whether he understood the charges, to which he replied a simple “yes”.

He will appear at Melbourne Magistrates’ Court later today.

Police will allege he is the man seen on CCTV wearing a blue hoodie top and talking to Ms Meagher on Sydney Rd early on Saturday Rd moments before she vanished.

Here’s the CCTV footage they’re talking about:

ABC Melbourne presenter Jon Faine said this about Jill Meagher on radio today:

Transcript of ABC presenterJon Faine’s dedication to Jill Meagher in full:

“The ripples of Jill’s abduction and as we have now learned allegations of rape and murder, the ripples of all of that extend right through the community. It’s touched a very raw nerve right across the nation.

I want to talk to you about Jill as person, Jill as a colleague, but also what Jill’s death has somehow come to mean.

I also though, at the same time, have to respect the fact that a man has been charged and he has a right to a fair trial and he is innocent until he is proven to be guilty. And tempting as it is to compromise those things that make us a civilised society and social media is awash already with people this morning venting their feelings, we won’t be doing that on this radio station today. It would betray our friend, her legacy, her values and our values if we were to do so.

But Jill’s death must not come to define us. That’s not what it’s like to live in the Melbourne that we know. This is an exceptionally rare event. Its randomness is part of what is so incomprehensible about it.

A bunch of people leave this workplace and go out to celebrate birthdays with Friday dinner and drinks. Some people wander off, some people stay on, and eventually in the absolutely normal course of a bunch of people enjoying Melbourne’s nightlife together, someone starts to walk home minutes away from where they are.

And then it all goes bad. That is not life in Melbourne. That is not life in the Melbourne that all of us know and we don’t want it to become in any way a definition of life in Melbourne today. In due course we will all understand more about it. Police will do their work and the courts will do their work and we totally respect that process.

But Jill as a person, Jill as a colleague, Jill as a wife to Tom – who must be Lord knows, lost this morning – our thoughts are with you. But Jill wouldn’t want us triple locking the door and installing closed-circuit televisions everywhere as if we live under siege, because that’s not what it’s about.

So, this morning we will pay our respect to our friend, our colleague, and there is a very empty space in our office this morning. There’s other things happening in the world as well. We don’t want to be maudlin or indulgent, I suspect Jill wouldn’t have wanted that. She would have said “oh no, keep going, keep going” and so Jill, we will. We will. We’ll do the best that we can and we’ll do it for you.”

Our thoughts are with Jill’s family, friends and ABC colleagues today.

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