We asked Aussie men why they find it so hard to talk. Their answers blew us away.

Men are dismissive when it comes to discussing suicide, which is distressing to say the least. Because last month, Australia lost a staggering 191 men to suicide.

As the sun rose on November 1, 191 pairs of shoes lined the sand along Sydney’s Bondi Beach. One pair for every man who took his own life in October.

Men's shoes on Bondi Beach, November 1, 2016. Mamamia Movember campaign. Image via Getty.

The moving display kicked off Movember - an annual campaign in which men grow out their moustaches throughout this month.

The intiative attempts to dismantle the stigma surrounding men's mental health - namely how it's often overlooked - and encourage those from all walks of life to open up and share their experiences.

"When someone opens that door to you, you're more likely to open that door back."

So the Mamamia team hit the streets to ask: "Why is it hard for men to talk?"

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