Introducing MPlus: We'll see you inside.

Should I be using an eye serum?

Is that new Trent Dalton book as good as his first?

I can’t stop thinking about my ex. Should I text? 

Anyone got a recommendation for sustainable gym leggings

I’m struggling to get out of bed today. Has anyone got a good reason why I should? 

Will having lip filler make me a bad feminist?  

Who knows what kind of cream you need for pavlova?

My adult daughter hasn’t spoken to me in six months. I miss her more than breath.   

Is the new Dyson Airwrap worth the money? 

Where is Australia’s Jacinda Ardern? 

We’re on our fourth round of IVF and I don’t think I can live through any more loss.  

This is what women are actually talking about. 

Loss. Pain. Politics. And hair. 

Mamamia has been listening to Australian women for 14 years, and it’s the privilege of a lifetime to be the place where women come to see their realities, their concerns, their tiny tragedies and joys reflected back at them. Fourteen years. 

During that time, Mamamia has carried hundreds and thousands of stories and reached millions of women on social media. 

We’ve recorded and released thousands podcasts. We’ve also talked to thousands of women at live shows in 8 cities. 

It’s a lot. 

We’ve published and broadcast opinions about sex, work, friendship, the environment, murder, fashion, beauty, politics, sexual assault, baby names, celebrities, royals, reality TV stars, domestic violence, travel, shopping, First Nations women, pregnancy and baby loss, hair, trans teens, business women, money, grief, health, cancer, race, feminism, birth, Botox, food, movies, eating disorders, divorce, consent and what to do about those tiny bumps on your forehead. 

And yet here’s a post we’ve never written before. Something we haven’t spoken about. 

It’s about community. Our community. 

The conversation starters at the top of this post are all for real. 

They were asked by women in Mamamia’s Facebook groups - a hyper-engaged (as ‘the industry’ would say) collection of women who make Mamamia a part of their lives daily.

When Mamamia was a blog, started by Mia Freedman from her kitchen table after her dream job turned out to be a turkey, the comments section of every post was where the party was at. 


Friendships were formed, bonds were knitted tight, arguments flew alongside compliments. People knew each other, checked in on each other, debated with a certain amount of respect and empathy. For the most part. 

Facebook took that conversation and put it in their shop window. And it stayed there, migrating from Mamamia’s main page to Mamamia’s groups. 

Groups felt safer, felt more secure, more intimate. That’s where the party’s at now, humming quietly away from the throngs.

Often, now though, those women come to Mamamia through our podcasts. 

Through Mamamia Out Loud and You Beauty in particular, we’ve found the most incredibly loyal, interesting and interested women who are part of a conversation that never really ends. More than a million of them.

But you don’t need to be an expert in media trends to know that the so-called “media landscape” is constantly being remodelled. 

And so in 2021, the year after the strangest year that ever there was, we’re evolving, too. 

What we’re doing at Mamamia this year is cementing our relationship with our closest audience. 

The ones who feel like they’re part of a family because they are. 

Mamamia is a purpose-driven media organisation with a core purpose to make the world a better place for women and girls, and our audience know this. The relationship between content creators and consumers is a blurred one at Mamamia, because the (mostly) women who create our content intrinsically understand that listening to our audience isn’t scary, or inconvenient, it’s what makes us stronger. 

So we listened, and we’re launching Mamamia Membership. It’s called MPlus. And it’s a space for women who want more from us to get extra, closer. 

Watch: Meet MPlus. Extra, Closer. Post continues below.

Video via Mamamia

It’s a space with extra content, and closer access to the people who make it. 

Members will access their unlocked space once they’ve registered, paid a small fee and accessed MPlus on the Mamamia site or on the Mamamia app. 

And inside, for members, there’ll be more. 

From April 21, for our closest circle, there will be a taste of Mamamia Out Loud every day. If that’s too much for you, that’s fine, you’ll still get your three shows a week. 

There will also be an entire interactive Recommendations long list, constantly updated, available for members to refer to on their phone when they’re standing in Mecca/Priceline/Your local bookshop/staring at your Stan homepage in confusion. 

There will be a monthly Book Club podcast, because a love of reading is something all of our Mamamia family have in common. 

There will be two You Beauty videos a month where you can ask Leigh, Kelly and Shazzy  questions directly and they will answer them with demonstrations (imagine that, a beauty podcast you can see). And there’ll be regular looks inside Mia Freedman’s colourful and chaotic wardrobe.

There will be discounts for members on books from Booktopia and on genius skincare products from AlphaH. 

And there will be an entirely new podcast that’s completely and utterly for members only. 

Extraordinary Stories tells women’s stories how they should be told - from a female point of view. 

Listen to the trailer for Mamamia's new podast, Extroadinary stories. Post continues below. 

From the magazine queens who built an Aussie empire to cancer conwoman Belle Gibson to Schapelle Corby to the stars of Australia’s Next Top Model - what are the extraordinary stories behind the clicks and headlines? It’s a show that will tell familiar stories in a completely unfamiliar way. 

That’s not the end of MPlus - a membership model that will keep updating with surprise and delight. 

But it’s a pretty good beginning for an entirely new Mamamia space - our own. Your own. And all of your familiar Mamamia voices can’t wait to welcome you in.

We’ll see you inside. 

You can sign up for MPlus here.