Mamamia has a cup of tea and a chat with Yumi Stynes.

Yumi Stynes reacts
Yumi Stynes
Yumi Stynes

Welcome to a new video series on Mamamia.

It’s called Tea with Mamamia and it involves us, a few too many cups of Dilmah tea…and some seriously awesome Aussie celebrities.

Our Editor, Jamila has been having a damn good time this week, getting to hang out with a bunch of amazing Australian women and talking about everything from music to mates to men.

Today she chats with Yumi Stynes, breakfast radio announcer, media personality and former host of The Circle, Yumi Stynes.

Yumi has teamed up with Sami Lukis this year to host breakfast radio on Mix 106.5 in Sydney from 6am every week day. They’re the only all-female breakfast team on the air and both bring a unique perspective to the show.

Yumi has two daughters and has recently married again.

This is a different kind of interview and we’re a little bit in love with it. Jamila and Yumi aren’t doing the standard question and answer session you’re used to seeing. It feels a little more like we just happened to overhear a conversation between two friends – you’ll learn a lot about Yumi and what makes her tick.



The Tea with Mamamia series is brought to you by Dilmah


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