Best and Worst: What's happening in your world?


To the experienced old hands – welcome back. To the bright eyed new players, here is how Best and Worst works: It’s a tradition almost as old as Mamamia itself and the game is simple. You tell us the best thing and the worst thing that’s happened in your world this week.

And if you don’t feel like putting a positive or a negative in front of the week’s events, then you absolutely don’t have to. We’ve got a healthy respect for rule breakers here at Mamamia, so you are welcome to tell us anything that is on your mind.

The highlight of my week was spending Wednesday evening with my grandparents pouring over old photographs. I felt like I was watching a 1940s Hollywood movie where all of the characters looked somehow familiar. Seeing pictures of my grandparents in their early 20s – looking so very much in love – made me proud to think that they’re still going strong almost 60 years later.

My ‘worst’ is one I’m a little nervous about confessing because it reveals the full extent of my political nerdiness – so let’s just keep this between us MM-ers. Okay. Here goes: I am having absolutely massive Canberra withdrawals right now.

Watching the Prime Minister name the election date and knowing I’m not going to be involved in the campaign this year, is awfully difficult. However, watching the events unfold as a journalist will – I am assured by Mia – be equally exhilarating and we have big plans afoot for Mamamia’s coverage of politics this year. So stay tuned political junkies.

What’s been happening in your world? What has been the best and worst moments of you week?

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