Best and worst of the week.



Well hellooooo Friday. Aren’t you looking a bit amazing today? Let’s meet for lunch later – and maybe even have some cheeky cocktails too. But while we’re still in the middle of the working day, let’s have a chat about our best and worst of the week because we have LOTS to catch up on.

Best: I’m still a few years away from children but gosh I loved the comments on this Mamamia post. The camaraderie that’s come through from the commenters is really inspirational and I plan to bookmark it and take lots and lots of mental notes for the future.

Best 2: I’m greedy and having two bests today. We’ve had some really, really funny posts on Mamamia this week and reading them (and all the great comments too) is such a great way to break up the daily grind. Take a look at this post and this post.

Worst: All the Leisel Jones commentary relating to her weight. I feel so sad for how she must be feeling about getting on that podium now. Can’t we just move on and focus on the bigger issue here, people? It’s the OLYMPICS. There is swimming and gymnastics and gold medals and amazing people generally doing an amazing job and WHO CARES ABOUT HOW SOMEONE LOOKS IN THEIR SWIMSUIT?

Grrr. Rant over.

What was your best and worst of the week? What’s on your mind?