Mamamia appoints new Managing Editor

There was movement at the station for the word has passed around: MAMAMIA HAS A NEW MANAGING EDITOR


Jamila Rizvi

Mamamia is pleased to announce that Jamila Rizvi has been appointed Managing Editor of Australia’s leading independent women’s website,

Jamila comes to Mamamia from the office of Federal Minister Kate Ellis, where she worked in a variety of roles, most recently as Deputy Chief of Staff and Press Secretary.  Previously she worked in former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd’s media unit.

Jamila has worked in politics and public policy for almost four years, providing advice to the Australian Government on women, youth, early childhood and media issues.

Jamila said that she was thrilled to be joining the Mamamia editorial team.

“Like so many other Australian women – checking in on the latest Mamamia content each morning and afternoon is an essential part of my working day – it’s how I stay connected with what’s happening,” Jamila said.

“Mamamia is one of the few media where women can celebrate the lighter side of life, while also delving into current affairs issues, opinion and personal stories.”

“I can’t wait to start contributing to the daily conversation at Mamamia and providing engaging new content for a growing and dynamic online community of women.”

Publisher and creator, Mia Freedman said that Jamila would be a welcome addition to the editorial team.

“I first met Jamila when I was appointed to the Body Image Advisory Group in 2008 and I’ve always been hugely impressed with her spunk, her passion for women’s issues and her extraordinary work ethic,” Mia said.

“Politics shares many similarities with running a website – they’re 24/7 operations and you have to be able to move and respond very quickly.

“Jamila’s diverse skills and boundless energy will be an integral part of Mamamia’s expansion plans as we continue to be a talking point online and in the wider media.”

Jamila will start work with Mamamia from 12 June 2012.

As we mark our 5th birthday this month, it’s been a week of big announcements, kicking off with news that Mamamia’s current Managing Editor Lana Hirschowitz is to be the editor of a new site we’re launching, (you can read all about that here).

After a big search and interviewing many candidates to fill Lana’s large and impressive shoes, Jamila shot to the top of the list very quickly. I may even have found the only human who is used to working more hours than Lana.  Working thisclose to a federal minister means that Jamila hasn’t switched off her phone in 4 years.

I love that about her. While many candidates were daunted by the intensity of managing Mamamia, Jamila was worried purely about the thought of dropping down to anything resembling ‘normal’ working hours after the adrenaline rush that working in politics has been throughout her twenties. I was quick to reassure her that her adrenaline was safe.

If you want to follow Jamila on Twitter you can do so here:

After so many years in politics, she’s going to have to get used to being able to express an opinion publicly (fast) so feel free to encourage her by asking her questions! Kidding. Not really.

Jamila starts in a couple of weeks and we cannot wait.

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