Napoleon Perdis on the 7 biggest makeup mistakes women make

Image via Napoleon Perdis (Facebook)

Napoleon Perdis knows a thing or two about getting makeup right – and how not to get it wrong. Here, the leading Australian makeup artist and businessman reveals the 7 biggest mistakes we’re all making with our beauty routines:

1. Not protecting your skin with sunscreen daily.

Not a makeup tip, but the less you protect now, the more you’ll have to invest later. A broad-spectrum barrier of protection will not only shield you from sun damage and the risk of skin cancer but help preserve your skin tone and texture.

2. Not removing your makeup properly at night.

No matter how tired or tragic you might feel, ensure you thoroughly cleanse your skin before bed with a gentle but effective cleanser. Be sure to use an eye makeup remover that’s specific to the sensitive eye area and don’t rub or pull your eye makeup off.

3. Wearing too much foundation.

I see this all the time… You don’t want to look like you’re wearing a mask. Use foundation almost as you would a concealer, just where you need to camouflage, and blend it from the centre of the face outward. But first ask the question: do I really need foundation or can I get away with a tinted moisturiser or a BB Cream?

4. Lining lips first.

Bold lips at the Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy (via Facebook)

As we age, the natural lip line fades and loses that definition. Always line lips last to seal and secure your lipstick for that final polish.

5. Not wearing primer.

It's a non-negotiable! If your skin is in the best condition (read: calm, even in tone, with refined pores and fine lines in soft focus) you'll need to use less foundation. A happy, hydrated complexion will prevent foundation grabbing onto certain areas of the skin and getting patchy. With a well-prepped base, foundation not only has a smoother landing but will last the distance and stay colour true. A great tip for a flawless finish is to use the same brush to apply your primer and your foundation to really fuse product into the skin for a flawless finish and a long-lasting effect.

6. Remaining stuck in a beauty rut; keep evolving your look to stay fresh.

Napoleon works his magic on one of his 'Scandinavian Mermaids' at Myer's Spring/Summer launch. via Facebook

Do a regular cull of your makeup bag, experiment with some new shades, and book in a professional makeup lesson to learn a new look or application technique.

7. Obvious concealer that's either the wrong shade or too heavily applied.

As you start to wear the stresses of a complex life, it's tempting to just smear on the concealer - and it's probably the same shade you've been wearing since your twenties right? If your concealer is too light you're only drawing more attention to the area. Look for a yellow or peach-toned shade to freshen and mask dark circles. If you want to mask any redness, try a corrective concealer underneath your foundation.

I always like to use a concealer primer around the eye area; that way, you tend to use less concealer and it lasts longer and doesn't cake or collect into any fine lines or wrinkles.

Do you have any to add to the list?

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