"Make the first move in the bedroom" and other ways to rev up your relationship

New Year's resolutions are so January 1. Make a romance resolution on February 14 instead. Not sure where to start? Be inspired by this collection of 50 Valentine's Day resolutions from iVillagers. Then make – and keep – one of your own!

1. I want to surprise my husband more often – in and out of the bedroom. -iVillager Lfry

2. I will get rid of the TV in the bedroom (or at least not watch when we're both in bed). -iVillager Mon1

3. I will remember to take showers a deux (and not complain that I'm losing time by sharing). -iVillager Bern28

4. I will learn to make candlelight dinners. -iVillager Sweetpee

5. I will institute a kiss goodnight. –iVillager Monique

6. I will learn to kiss my husband before I kiss my cat when I walk in the door. -iVillager swack99

7. Try to think more about him and less about me. -iVillager Jenny

8. Be honest with my fiance. Instead of moping around the house when I am angry or sad and stating a rude "nothing" when he asks what is up, I will tell him how I am feeling. I always end up telling him anyway, but he has to drag it out of me. It's ridiculous. -iVillager snorkeldude

9. Try to be less critical of the guys I meet; no one is ever going to be perfect. –iVillager Happy19

10. Start loving myself, faults and all. –iVillager wildflower73

11. Stop nagging my boyfriend when he wants to spend time alone. I know he needs his space. I'm also going to quit taking everything he does as a signal that something is wrong with our relationship. -iVillager saucy_s

12. Communicate honestly and openly with my partner (and discuss purchases before I make them!). –iVillager prezel

13. I refuse to be bitter and alone, so I resolve to go out at least once a week with the ultimate purpose of meeting new guys. –iVillager Sophie

14. Show more affection! -iVillager cl_plumcrazey

15. Spend more time together – alone! -iVillager cl_grace9193

16. Tell those I love that I love them. –iVillager CL-mizlizzy

17. Instead of staying away from true love, I am going to give commitment a chance. -iVillager Rachel

18. I want to make a serious effort to always remember to listen. Sometimes I get so caught up in expressing myself that I forget to listen. -iVillager Mark

19. I won't compromise when I know I shouldn't — I will stick to my gut feelings. –iVillager Beth

20. Know when it's time to back off during a fight. -iVillager cl_tha

21. Make time for each other no matter what is going on. -iVillager prezel

22. Speak and listen from the heart. -iVillager newstart99

23. Hold hands while trying to work out difficult things. –iVillager CL-Mist99

24. Get a relationship. -iVillager Kathleen

25. Pick my battles. -iVillager Celestron

26. Never go to sleep angry. –iVillager cl_shy_gal

27. Remember to give thanks for all that you have, not to whine about what you can't have. -iVillager prezel


28. I will no longer play games. If I want to call him, I will. -iVillager Betty

29. Show him my best side instead of my worst side. -iVillager Nancy

30. Learn how to give – and properly receive. -iVillager TommyJ

31. Try to overlook small foibles and, instead, focus on the positives. –iVillager Tammy

32. Learn how to give a compliment. -iVillager Celestron

33. Start working on my stress-relieving skills, so that I can relax my mind and body and become a normal human being instead of so impatient, grouchy and miserable all the time. -iVillager Angie

34. Make my relationship with my partner stronger by spending more quality time with him. -iVillager Tiffany

35. Always communicate with the important people in my life – by giving compliments, showing my appreciation, pointing out a problem, etc. After all, no one can read minds. -iVillager Kim

36. Kiss my husband every day, every time he leaves the house. You never know when God may come calling. -iVillager

37. I will spend at least one TV-free evening per week with my partner. –iVillager Janice

38. Kiss my husband every night as he walks in the door from work. It's a great way to start our evenings, regardless of what kind of day we had. -iVillager Jess

39. To make sure that me and my husband schedule at least one date a month. It can be alone or with friends – no children – as long as we are together. –iVillager Tremel

40. To think of one thing every single day that makes me thankful that I have my mate. It's my surefire way of ensuring that I always remember how special he is. –iVillager Kelly

41. To spend more quality time with my hubby, even if it's just sharing a quiet evening at home with a delicious dinner, soft music or a good movie. -iVillager Jen

42. I will try to always remember the good times my partner and I had together — and try to create more of them. –iVillager susanah0

43. I will use more terms of endearment when speaking to my husband – and fewer swear words! -iVillager Donna

44. I will not get mad at my husband for not doing something I want him to do, when I haven't told him I would like him to do it. –Villager Stacia

45. I will say please and thank you to my partner at least once each day. -iVillager Janice

46. I will motivate my husband to learn how to cook, even if it means I have to eat soggy spaghetti and charred chicken. -iVillager Eileen

47. I will "make the first move" in the bedroom more often. -iVillager K

48. I will try to say please and thank-you to my partner, even if it means simply thanking him for taking out the garbage. –iVillager Kim

49. I will try not to bring up old issues in new fights. -iVillager Renee

50. I will try not to criticize his wardrobe. -iVillager LS

Over to you – what's your romance resolution?

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