The best news story ever ever EVER.

This is Miles.

I’ve read an awful lot of things on the Internet, and this is maybe the best ever. Even better than ponies in cardigans. (There’s something I thought I would never say.)

I wanted to share it with you all – because sometimes, in our lives, we’re overwhelmed with shitty situations and shitty news. It’s so, so good to be reminded of the fact that people can be seriously incredible.

In this case, it’s an entire city that’s being seriously incredible. And all for the sake of one little five-year-old boy named Miles, who lives in San Francisco.

Tragically, Miles has leukemia. And so the Make-a-Wish foundation came to him, to grant him one wish of his choosing.

Generally, kids want to go to Disneyland, or they want to meet a celebrity, or receive something they don’t have – a laptop or a backyard playground.

But Miles’ wish was a little bit different. Because he wants to be a superhero. Specifically, he wants to be BatKid.

The Make-a-Wish foundation did something they rarely do: they reached out to the people of San Francisco for help. Happily, they were overwhelmed. Actors are volunteering. Photographers are offering to work for free. Make-up artists, also willing to work for free. The mayor and the fire service are all going to take part.

Because on the 15th November, San Franciso is going to be transformed into Gotham City… and BatKid is going to need to save the day.

Here’s what’s going to happen.

That morning, Miles will be waking up to see a breaking news story on television; the police chief will be calling for BatKid, as he needs his help to solve a crime and capture the bad guys.


He’ll begin the day with a training session from an adult Batman (a stunt double), who will teach Miles a bit about saving lives.

From there, Miles will don his BatKid suit and capture the Puzzler as he attempts to rob a vault in town. He’ll also have to rescue a “damsal in distress”, tied up across a cable car line.

While he eats lunch, the police chief will call him again – on the Batphone – to tell him to go to a window. Miles will get to look out over the main square to see a whole bunch of volunteers, jumping up and down, calling for him. BatKid will have to rescue a famous San Fran mascot from being kidnapped by a villain.

Finally, he’ll be awarded a key to the city by the mayor and police chief, at the city hall – with a huge group of people watching.

And so far? Miles has absolutely no idea that any of this is happening. All he knows so far is that he *might* be getting a BatKid costume on the day. quoted Jen Wilson, the marketing and promotions manager for Make-a-Wish, who said that the interest in Miles’ wish has been “extreme”:

“Since he wants to be a superhero, we felt like having a large crowd there waiting with signs and cheering him on would make him feel like a hero, not just because he battle villains and helped fight crime, but he’s a true hero,” Wilson said.

Are you smiling now? Maybe even crying? Definitely aww’ing? I know. I know. It’s so nice to remember how beautiful the world can be. And it’s even nicer to imagine how much joy this will bring to little Miles.

Make sure to keep an eye out for the videos and photos that will surely come through on the day. If you’d like more info about what will happen on the day (anyone going to be in San Fran?), you can go here to find out.

Great work, Make-a-Wish and San Francisco.

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