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1. “It’s just immature.” Married At First Sight’s Cyrell shares why she’s no longer friends with Elizabeth.

It’s the feud that we still care deeply about for some ungodly reason.

Former MAFS contestants Cyrell, 30, and Elizabeth, 27, are no longer bffs and up until now we’ve had no idea why.

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Thanks to Cyrell, we have an answer. Well, we at least have her side of the story.

According to the fruit-bowl smashing human cyclone, Liz is ‘toxic’ and ‘two-faced’ and the reason the feud broke out is a simple case of jealousy.

“She wasn’t happy with me getting all the club appearance gigs and that’s why the jealousy started. It’s just really pathetic and immature,” Cyrell told Now to Love.

Previously, while speaking on The Kyle and Jackie O Show earlier this year, Cyrell cryptically revealed: “Words were said and people got upset.”

The “words” Cyrell was reportedly referring to at the time were about a fake spinoff involving both reality stars, which seems like a pretty weird reason to fight if you ask us, but okay.

It all broke out after Elizabeth appeared on Today Extra to discuss a non-existent MAFS spin-off show that she knew nothing about.


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During the interview, she hinted that Cyrell had started the false ‘rumour’.

“I don’t know. Erm, yeah, I just heard about it and I have no idea…” she told hosts Sonia Kruger and David Campbell.

When asked if she has been in contact with Cyrell about it, she responded: “There’s been a bit of talking that it’d be cool to do something… but nothing.”

~Cyclone Cyrell~ seemed pretty p*ssed about it all, but it was obviously just the tip of the iceberg,

“It’s pretty freaking hilarious that I get blocked [on Instagram]. I wasn’t the one who turned around and said they started a rumour,” she said on air.


2. “No chance.” Karl Stefanovic has confirmed he won’t be returning to the Today show.

Karl Stefanovic has shut down rumours that he is returning to Nine’s breakfast show Today in an interview with Kyle and Jackie O on KIIS FM.

“There is no chance. Even if I had high-level talks I’d tell you, but I haven’t. No one has asked me to go back to the Today show,” he admitted this morning.


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Karl told the hosts that he has been enjoying focusing on “other things”, including his morning sleep-ins.

“I’ve been doing a bit of 60 Minutes and This Time Next Year and for me, it’s a great combination and I’ve been able to rest a bit, which has been good.”

Karl will be making his return to television on August 12, hosting This Time Next Year.

3. Oh. Apparently Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson didn’t get married after all.

The celebrity wedding rumour mill was in overdrive this weekend with the very exciting announcement that power couple Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson had tied the knot in Vegas.

Ashley Benson and Cara Delevingne. Image: Getty.

Unfortunately, it all turned out to be utter bs. Cara and Ashley are definitely not married. We repeat: Cara and Ashley are NOT MARRIED.

It all comes about British newspaper The Sun on Sunday reported that the couple tied the knot in a secret ceremony at the Little Vegas Chapel in Las Vegas earlier this year, according to none other than the venue owner himself.


However, a source told E! News that Cara and Ashley are not legally married, and that what the venue owner is referring to was a "friendship ceremony" they had about a year ago.

Cara and Ashley went public with their relationship in June in honor of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, following a year of romance rumors.

We will keep our eyes peeled for the REAL engagement/wedding announcement.

(If it ever comes, that is).

4. Excuse us, but Kylie Jenner just hired a huge $250 million yacht for her birthday.

Kylie Jenner will be celebrating her 22nd birthday in style on a $250 million "super-yacht" with her closest friends and family.

The yacht, named "tranquility", is the size of a football field and sleeps 22 guests, containing essential features such as a sauna, beauty salon, movie theatre, swimming pool, jacuzzi and of course, a helipad.


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It's estimated that the yacht costs approximately $1.2 million to hire for a week and includes a 29-person crew on hand.


While the guest list is yet to be revealed, it's believed Kylie will be setting sailing around her birthday on August 10, hitting ports in the Mediterranean.

Prepare your feeds for incoming luxurious, tropical snaps!

5. Everything we know about the rumour Matt Agnew has sex with one of The Bachelor contestants.

Excuse us, but we have some more Bachie goss that is, of course, very important.

We already knew Dr. Matt Agnew was unlike any other bachelor before him.

He’s an astrophysicist (aka he’s not an influencer), he’s… humble and it’s confirmed he kisses 17 of the 28 women who vie for his love – a record high for the Bachelor franchise. He also (sometimes) wears glasses, which we love.

But he reportedly also, ahem, has sex with one of the contestants.

To find out everything we know about our new Bachie's forbidden sexcapade, check out our earlier story here.

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