This House Rules couple just sold their house and made a tidy profit.

Strangers renovated their house for them, but now they’re selling up and moving on.

House Rules contestants Maddi Carter, 27, and Lloyd Wright, 28, have sold the Townsville property that featured on the show for $520,000 pocketing a $140,000 profit.

The couple originally paid $372,000 for the run down house in 2013 which came with extensive mould, peeling paint and and slanting floors.

Maddi and Lloyd.

After marrying in a surprise ceremony last month, the pair have decided to move to Cairns in the hunt for a bigger home for their impending family.

"We have made the decision to move to Cairns, it's where Lloyd's family lives," Maddi told the Courier Mail. "We're looking at having kids sooner rather than later, so it's important to us to be near family."

Image via Facebook.

The large high-set beach-themed home, minutes from the coast was sold to an interstate buyer looking to rent the home out.

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