Hero Product: MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer.

There are two types of concealers in this world. The ones you want for covering your pimples, and the ones you want to cover your undereye circles, and never the two shall meet.

There are many tips you pick up from regularly hanging around makeup artists and this is one of the best nuggets I’ve ever been privy to. If you’ve ever found that your concealer cakes under your eyes or accentuates fine lines or wrinkles around your eyes, chances are you’re using a thicker one designed for covering pimples. Not all concealers are made equal, and a fluid one is best used under your eyes.

I love MAC’s Select MoistureCover Concealer – it’s $34 and basically Photoshop for your eyes. I discovered it after a MAC makeup artist used it on my blue-purplish bags, and immediately needed it in my life. It has plenty of coverage, is light enough to match my pale skin tone (I use NC20, but it comes in 13 shades) and as a chronic insomniac, I don’t leave home without it.