Hero Product: MAC's Lorde range

Image via @MACCosmetics on Instagram

Praise the Lorde – the makeup collaboration of the year has landed.

There’s nothing Ella Yelich O’Connor – i.e. Lorde – can’t do. She’s an incredibly talented, Grammy Award-winning musician and all-round teen prodigy, and now Lorde’s trademark look has inspired a MAC makeup range.

That’s not too shabby when you’re just 17 years old and still in high school.

The limited edition MAC Lorde collection includes a deep plum lipstick, named after her debut album, ‘Pure Heroine’, and black eyeliner, meaning you can replicate Lorde’s teen witch/vampiric maiden look in just two steps. (Vocal talent not included.) It’s easy to look at Lorde’s dramatic eyes and lips and put it in the ‘too hard/too dramatic/too gothic’ basket – but you really should try this look out. Teaming rich, purple lips with sharp winged eyeliner is actually far less scary than it sounds.

If you have a very fair or very dark complexion you’ll be amazed by how well a dark purple lipstick complements your skin. It’s a great shade for winter and will look beautiful with the colours of your cold-weather wardrobe (and, obviously, with anything involving black lace). Added bonus: it also makes your teeth look nice and bright.

As for the eyeliner pen – good news, it’s incredibly easy to use. Part of what makes liquid eyeliner so daunting is having to ‘paint’ on a smooth line with one hand, while holding the ‘pot’ in the other, without blinking or trembling. But with this little beauty, you just draw on your winged eye with long sweeping strokes. It’s almost like using a Sharpie.

Here at The Glow, we’re big fans of Lorde’s style (and everything else about her), so there was rather a lot of excitement when these products arrived in our office. Instead of squabbling over who got to try them out first, we decided to embrace ‘Lorde face’ as a team, and this was the result:

We'll never be Royals, or Lorde for that matter, but we're a now little bit obsessed with purple lips for daytime wear.