Rosie Batty's powerful words on the day of her son's funeral

Rosie Batty says goodbye to her son today. She, her friends and family, her son’s school friends and thousands of people who never met her boy, will wear yellow to honour Luke Batty’s memory.

When 11-year-old Luke was murdered last Wednesday at the hands of his mentally-ill father, Australia was touched

Poem Luke wrote about the colour yellow - worn at his funeral today

by the horror of the story. This week, Rosie has spoken out about her son, her unimaginable loss, and what she hopes Australia will take from it - that there needs to be more done about family violence and those who live in fear of it.

In a powerful interview with Channel Nine's Georgie Gardner, Rosie says that one in three women in Australia "around your barbecue, around your kitchen table," are being subjected to violence. "Men understand male behaviour. Some men think of women or children as their possession and I think that this is a powerful thing where they think they have a sense of entitlement and ownership."

She also talks about how her "sensitive, funny, fun-loving" Luke will be remembered, and why she never thought her son was in any danger from her deranged ex, Greg Anderson.

Rosie Batty is planning to work with a domestic violence charity to raise awareness. This is the fundraising page.