"Why I love Princess Mary more. Sorry Kate."

Princess Mary for me is the epitome of grace, poise and style.

I’ve always been a huge admirer of hers, as I am of any woman who demonstrates such class and control. I think it’s why I’m also a huge fan of Alica in The Good Wife. Except Mary is real, so I’m allowed to be a bit in awe of her.

It seems I’m not the only one with a bit of a girl crush on Princess Mary. A Reader’s Digest survey has found that Crown Princess Mary is the third most trusted Aussie, beaten only by Dr Fiona Wood due to her amazing work with burns victims and Olivia Newton-John. Hey, I watched Xanadu again on the weekend. I get that.

"Princess Mary for me is the epitome of grace, poise and style." Image via Getty.

Whenever an Aussie makes good overseas, we're a pretty proud bunch but nothing could have made us prouder when an ordinary Tassie girl picked up a prince in a pub in Sydney. Nice one Mary.

Mary and Crown Prince Fredrick of Denmark met during the Sydney 2000 Olympics at the Slip Inn in Sydney. They were destined to meet, and their fairy tale romance has never disappointed.

Mary and Fredrick were one of the first royal couples to set a few of their own rules, to openly demonstrate their love for each other. Can anyone forget how Fredrick teared up just moments before Mary walked down the aisle?

"Mary and Fredrick were one of the first royal couples to set a few of their own rules, to openly demonstrate their love for each other." Image via Getty.

They always focus on their relationship first and recently celebrated their 11th year wedding anniversary on May 14. Their love has never wavered, and that's one of things I love about them most.

She underwent etiquette classes and all sorts of training before marrying Fredrick in 2004. She chose Aussie band Powderfinger to perform a concert for her in Denmark ahead of her wedding. She said she embarked on a 'yoghurt and yoga' diet to get in shape for her wedding. Now, then years on, Mary and Fredrick have have four amazing children, Christian, 9, Isabella, 8, and twins Vincent and Josephine who are 4.

The royal family. Image via Getty.

I admit, I almost had a fourth child, just so our lives continued to mirror each others.

Whenever huge events happen in our lives such as marriage and children, we often look at public people who are in a similar situation and it just so happens that Mary and I were married months apart and had our children the same year. So I've always watched her with keen eyes. It helps that she will one day be Queen Consort of Denmark, when husband Fredrick inherits the throne.


It also helps that she's so cool.

"It also helps that she's so cool." Image via Getty.

I think that when it comes to having someone to look up to, Crown Princess Mary is a pretty good one. There are much, much worse. Sure, she's now Danish royalty, but in my mind she's just a wife and a mum who is taking each day as it comes and doing her best.

And she's doing magnificently.

Unlike Kate, Mary has never once flashed her royal bottom. I even read once that she no longer wears g-strings. It's just not royal behaviour.

"What's not to love about Mary?" Image via Getty.

So when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge made their visit last year, I couldn't help but wonder when Mary and Fredrick would visit us next. They were here for the reopening of the Opera House at the end of 2013 but I'd love another official royal tour.

Who do you love more, Mary or Kate?

Princess Mary is so stunning and has so much poise. Here are some of my favourite Mary moments, including some from her two most recent trips to Australia: