He was once teased for his red hair and acne. Years later, he got the ultimate revenge.

Louis Evans as a school boy

It is being hailed as the ultimate revenge.

A schoolboy once teased for his looks now having the last laugh.

Louis Evans was the boy at school the bullies picked on.

His red hair.

His acne.

His unpopularity with the girls.

His teenage years were a misery.

He told the Daily Mail “It was quite difficult growing up in a small town. People are very close-minded in Lowestoft. Back at home there were stereotypes about gingers and I had the wrong kind of attention.”

His small town in the UK wasn’t welcoming for kids who looked like he did, so his school years were spent as the victim of torments and bullying.

Things didn’t improve much when he left school either. He got a job in an office supplies company.

It didn’t really suit him, it wasn’t really what he wanted. Life was fairly mundane for the boy everyone called “Rusty”.

He told the Daily Mail that he had no confidence, no direction.

He is now an international phenomenon

But like all Mums his was determined to see things change for her son. She could see what no other could. This ‘victim’s’ world was about to get a massive shake up.

You see very quickly, around the age of 20 Louis had begun to change – the acne-ridden teenager blossomed.

Think ugly duckling and striking sophisticated swan.

His skin cleared and his cheekbones became more prominent.

He says his face became ‘flawless’.

After some encouragement from his mother he submitted his portfolio to a London modeling agency and got a call back within minutes.

Louis Evans is now an international model.

His career in the UK and Europe has taken off.

“’In places like Milan, Spain and Greece they adore red heads and put them on a pedestal.

“I like to think it’s the fact I’m slim, tall and have the face that’s got me noticed, but I think having red hair does make me different.” He told the Daily Mail.

He has now appeared in British Vogue, he has walked the catwalk at London Fashion Week and has been snapped up for Milan Fashion Week.

He says redheads are very popular in Europe

He has featured prominently in a campaign and a BBC show to combat the stigma and bullying around people with red hair – the Red Hot campaign.

His Mum says that she is proud of him – he has worked hard to meet his goals.

We just hope that those kids who teased him can see him now. Successful, confident and what makes us want to high-five the laptop – happy.

Go Louis we think you are awesome!

How much does that make you want to smile!

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