Woman receives letter from her mum... 45 years after it was sent.

Today’s Good News post is brought to you by Vaalia.

For the next four weeks we’ll be bringing you a little dose of good news. Sometimes when we turn on the TV, radio or open a newspaper, it feels like everything in the world is just sad and wrong. But there are pockets of delight and happiness, which we’ll be uncovering and bringing to you.

In a story that will warm every last cockle of your heart, a New York woman has received a letter from her mother… 45 years after it was first sent.

Susan Heifetz was stunned when the tenant of her childhood home rang with the news that a weathered envelope in her name had been delivered – with a postmark from 1969. Snail mail, anyone?

Inside was a heartfelt 19th birthday card from Susan’s late parents. “Dear daughter Susan, Mazel tov!” it began. The letter was signed off with, “Love and kisses, Mamma Molly and Daddy Sam.”

After being MIA for all those years, the envelope was probably fairly battered, but one thing had remained unchanged by the passage of time: a lipstick kiss. That was how Susan’s mum sealed all her letters.

“I was very emotional… Her Max Factor lipstick 45 years later… it hadn’t faded,” she told The New York Post. How’s that for a long-wear lipstick testimony!

Susan considers the letter’s arrival to be serendipitous, as she had been debating whether to move from Brooklyn to be closer to her brother in Las Vegas.

“I feel like this was a stamp of approval, like [mum was telling me] ‘We’ll always be in your hearts and souls. We found you 45 years later,'” Susan explains.

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