There are 14 common beauty products left behind in Ubers and we have... questions.

Gather around, friends. Let me tell you a story....

After Uber-ing my way home from a night out a couple of weeks ago, I woke up the next morning to find not only did I not know where my favourite lip balm was (Laniege Lip Balm in Gummy Bear - still thinkin’ about you, boo) but also… my entire handbag (ʘ‿ʘ).

It was a cheeky reminder that after 15 years in lockdown, this is a thing that can happen.

And no, it had absolutely nothing to do with how many fun juices I had that night. I was fine, mum!

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So, you know what I thought would be fun? Taking a squiz at Uber’s Lost & Found Index (yes, this is a thing that exists) and finding out the beloved beauty products people leave behind after catching a ride.

Below, I present to you the annual list of beauty products we’re all apparently leaving in our Ubers. 

1. Ardell Duo Eyelash Glue, $9.

Image: Big W


Topping the list is Ardell's Duo Eyelash Glue - and excuse me, but WHY ARE YOU APPLYING GLUE TO YOUR EYE IN A CAR. Not okay, you guys.

Dangerous choices aside, this strip lash glue is a go-to for those who love falsies. It goes on white upon application, so you can see where you've applied it, before drying clear.

2. Eyelash curler.

Image: Sephora

Ah. The beloved lash curler. She’s your ultimate hype girl on a night out. While there’s no specific brand mentioned here, I’m sure we can all relate to THAT curler that never made it home. #RIP.

On a brighter note, this Shiseido Eyelash Curler, $33, is a good option if you’re looking for a replacement! It's super sturdy and manages to get each and every lash in one go - no matter your eye shape.

3. Foundation.

Image: Adore Beauty


This one. This one would sting. ESPECIALLY if it’s a bougie foundation.

And I know the pain - I once left my Armani Beauty Luminous Silk Foundation ($105) in a random bathroom when I was on a night out, and I’ll think about it until I die.

4. Chantecaille Lipstick, $58.

Image: Mecca

Coming in at number four is this spendy Chantecaille Lipstick - which is extremely niche but ultimately very sad. So many people obviously adore this little guy.

It's $58, and it's one of those formulas that's super easy to apply (hence the popularity of it being left behind in Ubers) and it'll give you long-lasting hydration with a hint of sheer colour. Just don't, you know, lose it.

5. Too Faced Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer, $45.

Image: Mecca


On the official Uber Lost & Found list, it actually read ‘Too Faced concealer and palette’, but Too Faced only has one concealer and approximately eleventy million eyeshadow palettes, so we’re going to focus on the concealer. It's a crowd favourite for good reason. (Full coverage, non-creasy and long-lasting).

Have you tried it before? You totally should.

Either way, that’s TWO categories for one brand - so, pls hold on to your Too Faced things!

6. Face powder.

Image: Chemist Warehouse


A VERY general category (WE NEED DETAILS - translucent? Pressed??), but again, a disappointing loss.

In comparison to attempting to put glue near your eye, we have to say - catching an Uber and fixing up your base with a dab of face powder is totally relatable. 

If you are looking for a replacement translucent powder though, Rimmel Kind & Free Press Powder ($13.99) is a nice affordable option that won't hurt your wallet or your feelings when you inevitably leave it behind.

7. Hair gel and brush.

Image: iHerb

It's giving 'clean girl' aesthetic, people. The slicked back, sleek updos are coming through hard, with 'hair gel and brush' sliding in at number seven. 

If you're looking for a new hair gel, Aussie Instant Freeze Hair Gel with Jojoba Oil & Sea Kelp, $10.09, is a good option. 

8. Black makeup case.

Image: Adore Beauty


At number eight is 'black makeup case' - so obviously there's been more than one person who has lost their black makeup case - and we really hope it was empty. There's really nothing worse than misplacing your makeup bag and having to start from scratch. 

The pain!

But listen, if you're looking for another cute black makeup bag, this one from Adore Beauty is a great pick. We love how you can easily see everything in there, so you're not just staring into a black hole, looking for your mascara.

9. Contact lense solution.

Oooo! A bottle of contact lense solution, hey? Are we off to stay at a 'friend's' place? Are we?? Sounds like it. Because surely you wouldn't be bringing this along in your purse en route to a boozy lunch or a night out... right?

Listen, this list has dropped some crazy surprises, so it's really hard to say.

10. Eye drops.

So many eye-related products in one round-up. 

While it's not strictly considered a beauty product, eye drops are apparently a common thing for people to leave behind. That's an awful lot of dry eyes getting around...

Luckily, you can usually pick them up pretty cheap from the chemist.

11. Marc Jacobs perfume.

Image: Myer


Please sir, tell me this wasn't a full-sized bottle. The list doesn't specify what kind of Marc Jacobs perfume it is, which makes me think there's more than one, which is just a really sad time, because this stuff isn't exactly cheap. 

The cult-favourite Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT retails for $96 to $165 depending on the size.

12. Dior cologne.

Image: Dior

It simply says 'Dior cologne' on the list, so my first guess is that it could refer to the popular Dior Sauvage Cologne? It's $213 and just a reminder of how much this would it suck if it was a full-sized bottle. GAH.

So, as this is the second scent on the list, this is a kind PSA to leave your full-sized scents at home. It'll only end in tears (or, on the plus side, a nicely scented Uber for the next passenger.)


13. Shampoo and conditioner.

Image: Adore Beauty

A weird flex. 

This must be an airport pickup/drop-off situation where it's just fallen out of a case? Or perhaps someone who really hates their partner's choice in hair care? Because why... would you have this in a cab? 

You guys, WHY.

Let's just pray to the beauty gods that it wasn't a bougie duo, like Kevin. MURPHY Angel Wash, $43.95.

14. A hair piece.

Like 80 per cent of this list, 'hair piece' is a little (very) general, but I'm thinking it could refer to clip-in hair extensions or those Halo hair crowns a lot of people use to bulk up their 'do. 

Either way, missing hair is not ideal.

The good news? Adore Beauty has some different options for clip-ins and hair extensions if you've left yours behind and feel a lil nakey up top.

How good!

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Have you ever left any of your beloved beauty products in an Uber? Omg nooo - what did you leave? Share with us in the comment section below.

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