You're about to lose your chance to vote for the Logies.

Voting for The 59th Annual TV Week Logies is about to close. Which is odd, really. Because The Logies aren’t until April next year.

That’s four months away.

Laura Brodnik and Rosie Waterland learn about how Logies voting works from TV Week editor Emma Nolan on The Binge.

There’s an enormous gap between the closure of the voting polls, and the announcement of the winners. It causes uproar each and every year when viewers go to vote for the TV Week Gold Logie… only to find out voting closed months earlier.


Ok. So we took peek behind the curtain. And the process makes a lot of sense…

First, TV networks put forward a list of candidates they’ll be endorsing. Voting is open for four weeks, during which viewers nominate a candidate from that list.

Waleed Aly took home the Gold Logie in 2016. Image via Channel 9.

On Sunday, December 18, voting closes.

And on March 26, the five nominees are announced.

And the Gold Logie Winner? Quite simply, the one among the top five nominees with the most votes.

That basically means when voting closes on Sunday, the Gold Logie Winner is decided.

Each and every year the general public lull themselves into an angry and confused state over why they can't call and text votes in up until half an hour before the actual Logies event.

Carrie Bickmore won the Gold Logie in 2015. Image via Getty.

So why run voting so early? Well, TV Week editor Emma Nolan has some answers...

"The awards are for this year's television, so we want to vote while it's fresh in people's minds... so they can think about the stars and shows they watched this year."

So wen the TV Week glossy pictures of all the nominees come out before the ceremony, they already know who is going to win.

Watch the Mamamia team at 58th Annual TV Week Logie Awards in 2015. Post continues after video...

Video by Mamamia

But the Gold Logie winner isn't a juicy piece of goss floating around the TV Week office before the big event.

"There's maybe one person who knows."

And when it comes to Mamamia's campaign putting forward Lisa Wilkinson and Leigh Sales for the Gold Logie? Emma has a word of advice:

"Do everything you can. Put their names out there, get the buzz happening."

Because in the age of social media, Logie campaigning is a different beast: "People are really cultivating their social media followings to get in there and win."

When it comes to campaigning on social media, Nolan thinks "it's exciting. It helps build excitement for the awards".

"Im excited to see who'll be in the list next year."

So are we, Emma. So are we.


You can make your vote for the 59th Annual TV Week Logies Awards count here.

And you can listen to this week's full episode of The Binge right here...