There is only one woman in the Logies Hall of Fame.

Light up the barbie. Wipe the dregs off the sauce bottle. Because the Logies are upon us and it’s a sausage-fest.

Australian TV’s night of nights, the 57th Annual Logie Awards, will be held in a few weeks time. And as always, a TV show or personality will be inducted to the illustrious Logies Hall Of Fame.

The Logies Hall of Fame honours people and programs that have helped shape the most important and influential medium of our time, and aims to recognise an outstanding contribution to Australian television.

Over the years, 28 people have been awarded the honour.

And 27 of them were men.

men on tv
Logies? More like the Bro-gies

The one, lonely female Hall of Famer is Ruth Cracknell, who was inducted 14 years ago. An Australian character actress and author, she had a career spanning 56 years.

more logie women


Since then, with the exception of Playschool and Neighbours, it’s been one man after another.

Logies? More like the Bro-gies.

TV critic David Knox has called on the Logies to change their processes.  He told ABC that historically, TV was an industry dominated by men, both on air and off. But with the industry about to turn 60, it’s time more women were recognised.

“The idea that only one woman has made a significant contribution to almost 60 years of Australian television is a travesty,” he said.

The Hall of Fame Award is selected by a jury, who decide from a number of people put forward by TV networks.

The judging guidelines for the lifetime achievement award are:

· A demonstrated commitment to excellence in Australian television
· Contribution to the enrichment of Australian television culture
· Key achievements, including past awards
· Current projects
· Training and background
· Any additional information

It’s just staggering that in 31 years, Australian Television has not been able to recognise more than one female that fits this criteria.

So here’s a few suggestions, Logies. Take out your notepads:

Noni Hazelhurst. Many of us grew up with her on Playschool but her television body of work goes back to 1974. She’s done drama, theatre, childrens television. She did 23 years on Playschool, 10 years on Better Homes and Gardens, and was awarded an OAM for services to children’s television. She is still smiling away on Red Carpets now, more than FORTY YEARS LATER.

abc kids shows


Caroline Jones joined the ABC in 1963 and was the first female reporter for This Day Tonight.

She has an AO, which means distinguished service of a high degree to Australia or to humanity at large. She has  won numerous media awards, including a Logie in 1972 and several Media Peace Prize Gold Citations. She was voted an Australian Living Treasure 18 years ago.  AND SHE IS STILL HOSTING one of the ABC’s flagship programs Australian Story. 

more logie women

What about Maggie Tabberer?  She appeared first on TV in 1964 and went on to host a daily chat show that made her a household name. She won TWO consecutive gold logies and was the first to win back-to-back awards.

more logie women


Or Jana Wendt.  A Gold Logie winning journalist who had an enormous impact on current affairs in Australia.

There’s so many. Kerry Anne Kennerley, Denise Drysdale, Jeannie Little, Lisa McCune, Anne Sanders, those trailblazers of women in comedy – Gina Riley and Jane Kennedy.

A social media campaign highlighting the issue has spread across twitter with the hashtag #morelogiewomen.  Join. Tweet. Suggest. Poke and prod. A demonstrated commitment to excellence in Australian television is what the Logies want. Women are part of that story.





Here’s a few more suggestions for you, team Logies.

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