Logies: 10 things we're talking about and must-see pics

How we love our Logies. Even those who don’t love them love to say how much they love not caring about them.

But the Logies are there, more glamorous, more controversial, more addictive every year. Personally, I had no clue who half the people on the red carpet were last night. A bit like I have no idea about the horses going round Flemington in November. But that’s not the point. The Logies is ours in all their glamorous glory. With just enough dagginess to make us feel homey. There’s always something to natter about the day after, and for your convenience, we’ve summarised the most talkable talking points. We’re like that.

1. The Frocks.

This, if we’re honest, is what the Logies is all about.  If all the stars were to dress in uniform unisex grey tracksuits (you know, so they can be assessed purely on acting ability) would anyone be bothered watching? Noooo. Have a look at our gallery – one of our biggest ever, (it went off last night).

2. The Dancers. So. Flo Rida performed. Huge star. Something of a coup for Australia’s little ol’ Logies. But why, oh why, the dozens of female dancers in black vinyl hotpants and thigh boots? Mia tweeted:


A voice in the wilderness? There seemed to be more complaints on Twitter about the Flo lip-syncing. Sigh.

3. The Dancers. A little later in the show, ‘Australia’s Sweetheart,’ Delta Goodrem performed with a posse of dancers dressed like the cast of a Sunday School’s doing Oklahoma. One (male) dancer’s trousers were hemmed a little short. But that was as racy Delta’s act got. Double standard, anyone?

4. The Delay. When will network executives work out social media isn’t a passing trend? It’s a trending one. Farcically, Twitter knew Hamish had the gold gong before anyone in the room did, thanks to a leak from the Herald Sun. Ooops. Do it live, people, and the Logies will crackle with a whole new life.


5. The Awards. It seemed there were more tweets about the frocks than the awards. This speaks volumes. Awards, in many ways, just get in the way of a good show. Speeches went on too looooong.  If someone has time to thank the program’s web designer, they have too much time.

6. Adam Hills. When he popped on his two-year-old daughter’s sunnies (as he promised her he would if he won), Australia said, ‘Awwwww,’ and Delta’s crown as ‘Australia’s Sweetheart,’ looked a little loose.

7. Molly’s Hall Of Fame Induction. For anyone old enough to remember what it was like to argue with your siblings about who WOULD BE NUMBER ONE on Sunday night, it was a delicious look in Australia’s rear view mirror. Great job Danni Minogue and Sir Elton. Do yourself a favour and get well soon Molly.

8. Last Year’s Scandal. Became this year’s running gag. Mrs Stefanovic’s arse has a life of its own. For an explanation, watch Hamish and his acceptance speech here. It kicks off from 3:10:

10. The Mystery Of The Missing Host. What? No host! ON AN AWARDS SHOW! Bloody brilliant idea. Diversify. Share the love. The bad jokes. Giving hosting responsibilities to a range of presenters was a stroke of genius. Something for everybody. BIG WIN.

11. Hamish And Andy. Like naughty boys on school speech night, they charmed every time they appeared – which wasn’t enough.

Okay, that was eleven talking points. It’s hard to keep it short when talking Logies. Tell us, what did you love, like, or long to change about the 2012 Logies?

And for the curious, the red carpet looks from LAST YEAR are brilliant. Here’s how it all unfolded in 2011: