This little girl has a problem with kids underwear, and she just found a solution.

What’s with all the little girls clothes in pink?

Is it so impossible to imagine a girl might be a Star Wars fan? An aspiring scientist? Or into dinosaurs?

Boys get to wear tops emblazoned with ‘let’s go adventuring.’

Girls get ‘I’m pretty like my mummy.’ GAG.

But not everyone is lapping up the ‘pink is for girls, dinosaurs are for boys’ memo.

On a recent trip to Kmart, a little girl named Luna implored the department store to start stocking dinosaur knickers for girls.

Listen: Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright discuss Luna’s plea on the This Glorious Mess podcast. 

After spotting a pair of cool boys undies covered in T-Rex’s, she was perplexed as to why there wasn’t a pair for her in the girls section.

Grandmother Kate Dani posted a video to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook page, commenting “This is a big problem for my Granddaughter!”

“But they’re only for boys,” Luna says.

“Why girls can’t have them?” she asks adorably.

“I think some girls don’t like them and some do… Mr Shop Man, can we get those dinosaur pants please?”

Decked out in her Batman shirt, Luna reminded the world that girls can wear whatever they like, gender stereotypes be damned!

So what will they do?

“We bought the boy ones anyway :)” informed Kate.

But Luna won’t have to keep wearing a pair of jocks with a penis pouch to show her appreciation for extinct reptiles forever, because this story has a very happy ending.

Posting an update on Facebook this week, Kate shared the news that Kmart had been in touch to invite little Luna in to meet their design team.

Luna had an “awesome morning” at the office, according to her grandmother, and we can only hope she is giving them plenty more ideas for kick arse girls clothes.

“They said all feedback was important to them whether it be from a three or 93-year-old,” wrote Kate.

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