There's a strange pattern in Lisa Wilkinson's family when it comes to birthdays.

They say birthdays come but once a year. In Lisa Wilkinson‘s household at least, it seems everyone’s comes at once.

You see, there’s a strange pattern when it comes to her childrens’ birthdays.

“It’s been birthday week at our house for these no-longer-little munchkins. (Yes, all Christmas babies, if you know what I mean),” the 57-year-old captioned a family photo on Instagram.

“Still one of my favourite photos of when we were all just starting out. Feels like yesterday… Happy birthday kids. xxx”

You see, her two sons, Jake and Louis, were born on the exact same day but two years apart.

Her daughter Billi would also share the same birthday had she not been born four days early.


Coincidence? We think it’s time to buy a lottery ticket.

The Today Show host explained the bizarre pattern in a family birthday post last year.

“Happy Birthday to our two beautiful boys born on the same day two years apart. All grown up now… and the best of mates. #soproud,” she wrote.

“If Billi had arrived on her due date I would have had three babies all born on the same day, each two years apart.”

But it gets even more unlikely, thanks to her husband Peter FitzSimons.

“Just like their dad, who was born on his older sister’s second birthday. Freaky, huh?”