Lisa Curry reveals she is trying for a baby at 51.






In a New Idea exclusive, Lisa Curry reveals she is trying for her fourth baby via IVF at age 51.

Curry and her partner of three years Joel Walkenhorst, 31, met with IVF specialists and have begun a formal cycle of fertility treatment.

“We’ve been talking on and off about the possibility of having a baby for a couple of years, and it has come to the point where it’s now or never.

“So we made the appointment to see the IVF doctor, had the tests and talked about our options. If there were none, we’d have walked away. But even a small chance is a chance.
“Now that we’ve found out it may be possible, all we can do is try. If it’s meant to happen, it will.”

This would be Curry’s fourth child as she has three children, Jaimi, 25, Morgan, 22, and Jett, 18, with her ex-husband Grant Kenny.

Grant Kenny, 49, is reportedly the father of Fifi Box’s baby – although neither of the pair have officially confirmed it.

Of telling Grant about her news, Curry said he was, “great about it”.

According to data obtained by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare the average age of women using IVF has increased. Twenty-five percent of women receiving IVF treatment are aged 40 or over however Fertility Society of Australia president Peter Illingworth says the live birth rate decreased to less than 1 per cent for IVF cycles in women aged over 44.

The average age of women recieving assisted reproduction (using their own eggs) is 36 years of age and for women using donated eggs is 40.8 years.