Fluff: Watch. The moment Oprah loses her shit with Lindsay Lohan.

It’s OK, everyone. Oprah’s got this.

She just told Lindsay Lohan what we’ve all been thinking: Cut the bullshit, babe. Get real. Look after yourself.

If anyone in the world can get that beautiful mess Lindsay Lohan back on the road to sanity, it’s Oprah f**king Winfrey.

The talk show goddess sat the 27-year-old actor/singer down for a serious, candid chat. It’s all for Oprah’s OWN Network documentary on the vagabond redhead star, and judging by this preview, it’s going to be incredible.

Sure, an entire film crew had to follow a deeply vulnerable, troubled, potentially unstable young woman around at all times to show the world how trapped she is in her own fame… But, hey, it’s worth it if this gets Li-Lo back on the straight and narrow.

If you’re a celebrity trainwreck afficianado, you’ve already got a Google search alert out on “Lindsay Lohan Oprah documentary,” but for everyone else, it may be news that this genuinely talented but totally waylaid freckly scoundrel has consented to do a tell-all documentary for Oprah’s TvV channel.

What splendid news it is, too.

Watch as Oprah takes on the real Lindsay Lohan. Tell us, will you watch the whole thing when it finally hits Australia?

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