FLUFF: Lindsay Lohan tries that acting thing again. Goes horribly, horribly wrong.

Oh Lindsay Lohan. Why you gotta make it so easy for haters to hate on you?

Lindsay, 27, has just tried out this ‘acting’ thing again. The red-haired actress/ wannabe pop star just guest-starred on the TV sitcom 2 Broke Girls. And it did not go well.

Unfortunately for the singer/hot mess, the show was filmed in front of a live audience… A live audience which included a popular blogger.

This is how that blogger, who writes for a blog called Crazy Days and Nights, described our Lindsay: “Red hair. Lips so plumped out she couldn’t really get them open because of her botox which also caused her to have trouble pronouncing certain words… Of course she won’t be able to pronounce anything if she keeps smoking because her voice is rapidly disappearing into some type of screaming smoking raspy hell hole. ”

But that wasn’t even the worst thing said about LL. The blog goes on to accuse Lindsay of forgetting lines, causing massive delays, and generally being a professional nuisance for everyone involved.

“It took about 45 minutes to shoot because she never could get through without screwing up. She would get one line and screw up another. There was some combination that she always managed to find that she had not done previously.”

Lindsay poses with 2 Broke Girls star Kat Dennings.

Later, someone’s phone started ringing, rudely disrupting the acting on stage. Oh wait, the phone was Lindsay’s.

“So, there was one big scene left with Lindsay. She is in a wedding dress and has cold feet about the wedding. She has six or seven lines. 45 minutes later when the audience can see the finish line of this scene a cell phone starts ringing. Loudly. “I’m sorry, that’s mine. Hello. I have to call you back.” Yes, it was Lindsay’s phone. One more time through the last part of the scene. Ten more minutes gone from my life.”

According to the blogger, it took five hours of shooting for 18 minutes of actual screen time, and Lindsay’s attitude was not cool, bro. “She didn’t take it seriously. It was a paycheck. I hope she doesn’t get many more.”

Sigh. Next time, Li-Lo, next time.

Speaking of massive public Lindsay Lohan mistakes, here’s an entire gallery for your viewing pleasure…

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